Beauty rituals come from the hand of Korean Beauty, an unquestionable trend that brings us products with multiple benefits for face care.

Korean beauty is here to stay. They do not stop talking about its multiple benefits and the incredible results it offers for the skin. The K-Beauty is a trend and its products are sought more every day and in all parts of the world. If you also put the excuse of lack of time, leave it behind. We deserve a moment of relaxation and give us an afternoon to take care of ourselves and perform our beauty ritual.

And it is sure that you love that moment so yours in which you pick up your hair and put on that mask that you bought so that it leaves your skin shiny, smooth and smooth. Those minutes when you massage your face with soft touches while listening to your favorite song. For a moment, it seems that worries fade.

We could talk about make-up removers, tonics, scrubs, moisturizers … But these products are commonly used. On the contrary, for the masks, we need a few more minutes. And, from Korean beauty, we get the best options for skincare.

Types of masks

How can you tell which mask is most suitable for our skin? Well, each one is formulated to address specific problems. Knowing you, you will know which one is the most appropriate in your case and, if in doubt, ask before buying it. Leaving its function as a band, there are some that are made from some ingredients or others, so we can find them with very varied textures. There are endless options that offer a solution to every problem.

K-Beauty also brings us its own, formulated with natural ingredients. So that you also find yours, here is a list of different types of masks and their usefulness. Are you ready to start your beauty ritual?

Clay masks

Its name derives from its formulation since its base is of clays and natural muds that act by cleaning the face in-depth. It is indicated for mixed and oily skin.

Modeling masks

You will bring the spa home, as they are often used in the luxury treatments offered by these centers. Its texture is more gelatinous, thick and uniform in order to facilitate its peel-off removal while removing the entire layer of the mask, a movement that creates a very pleasant sensation.

Night masks

It is the time of day when the products we apply are most effective since it is when the skin is more receptive. These types of masks are usually denser and are allowed to act overnight. The next day, the skin should be cleared with plenty of water. They serve to hydrate, brighten and revitalize the skin.

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Tissue masks

They are impregnated with a large amount of concentrated essence and are used to hydrate, revitalize and bring freshness to the face. There are cellulose or cotton and for all skin types.

Hydrogel masks

They are very refreshing and, therefore, become the great choice of many women. In addition, they adapt easily to each face.

Sauna masks

They are the great Korean novelty and contain a double layer so that the skin can absorb the product better. They produce heat effect and are more recommended for mature skin.

Bubble mask

Ideal to treat pores in depth. They are called that because they generate microbubbles that are responsible for this complete cleaning. They are your best option to regulate excess sebum and control blackheads.

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