The nude makeup looks are a must-have for every season: few but well-targeted products are the essentials to create a light and natural look, simple and perfect for every day. To create this no make-up, however, it is essential to know some small tricks to transform a clean face into an easy & chic look that will never be banal or out of place.

To achieve it, however, it is essential to move in the right way knowing and applying 10 secrets to achieve a nude look without making any mistakes.

1. Skincare comes first

Do not think that beauty looks include only the skillful use of powder, foundation, and concealer. The first fundamental step to achieve a bright and truly natural nude look starts even before holding a brush and concerns skincare.

Taking care of the skin on your face is the basis for perfect make-up without surprises. Remember to moisturize it correctly using the best products based on your skin type, do not overdo the scrubs, and try to listen to the messages sent by your face (for example you know that sometimes pimples can be a symptom of poorly hydrated skin ?).

2. Don’t forget the primer

It is always good to apply a good primer before you start putting on makeup. This product, which is in effect part of the skincare routine, is essential, especially when it comes to natural makeup.

Its texture, in fact, will define the grain of the skin, creating a real palette on which to start creating. In the case of natural make-up, moreover, it is even more important because in this case, the small imperfections will be more noticeable.

3. The hunt for the perfect foundation

Some say that whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. In fact, it is when you find the right foundation that you find the luck of life. Between types, colors and finishes it is a moment to get lost among the thousand and more proposals on the market and, without even realizing it, make a sensational mistake in the foundation.

If you want to recreate a no-make-up make-up, it is essential to choose a light foundation, preferably in a liquid formula, and apply it with a brush or a blender. Avoid formulas that are too opaque and prefer products that blend perfectly with the skin without weighing it down. The best finish? The glowy effect.

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4. Concealer? Yes, thanks.

The concealer is never missing in any make-up and, of course, it cannot be missing in this natural look either. The important thing, in this case, is to be able to use and rely on multiple colors in order to modify the individual colors in the right way.

For example, green is ideal for covering the redness of small inflammations or the like. The important thing is that, if you use a colored concealer, it is good to apply it before the foundation while, if you choose the illuminating concealer, you can safely use it after the base.

5. Contouring, little but good

When we talk about contouring often, indeed too often, we think of the play of light and dark used by Kim Kardashian: a clear game of bronzers and highlighters that can transform anyone’s connotations. Yet, measured and well-dosed contouring is also essential for a natural look.

A touch of earth on the cheeks and at the hairline, in addition to warming the complexion, will allow you to better define the features that tend to flatten after applying the foundation.

6. Eyelashes and-sa-ge-ra-te

If you are looking for a natural look abandons mascara volumizing and find a formula stretching and curling. With the brush positioned at the base of the lashes and go up slowly moving it from right to left.

In this way the formula will be well distributed and, at the same time, the lashes will remain well divided and separated. An XXL effect that will help you open your eyes and make it even more magnetic.

7. A touch of light

A touch of light is never missing on clean and natural skin. A light coat of highlighter on the cheekbones will allow you to make the make-up even fresher and more radiant.

Do not give up on make-up and, even in this case, opt for a bright finish like a salmon pink embellished with golden specks.

8. The lipstick is there, but you can’t see it

Natural makeup is made up of many small steps that make everything so perfect that it doesn’t seem real. Even in the case of lipstick, it is essential to make the right choice.

Avoid colors that erase the lips and go for nude shades with pink undertones and a creamy finish. Once applied, this lipstick will add a touch of brightness to your look without going overboard. If you love lip gloss instead, try a classic clear or slightly pink gloss.

9. Power to eyeshadows

The eyeshadow cannot and must never be missing. To best define the shade of the eyelid, choose dusty colors such as hazelnut or antique pink.

Pick it up with a blending brush and focus on the crease of the eye in order to best define the correct shadows of your gaze. Finally, do not forget, with the brush slightly dirty with eyeshadow, to also pass on the mobile eyelid in order to even out everything and avoid unpleasant chromatic detachments.

10. The right attention to the eyebrows

No make-up can ever be defined well done without the right attention to the eyebrows. In addition to choosing a pencil or a powder to go and fill them, it is good to remember to comb and fix the eyebrows with the right products.

With an old mascara brush or one designed specifically for the eyebrows, comb the eyebrows upwards and, as the last step, fix them with a specially designed gel or with a stroke of hairspray.

Little pro trick: If you don’t have a pipe cleaner handy, use an old toothbrush.

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