Types of fans

With the arrival of summer and high summer temperatures, families try to find resources to cool down in their homes. Beyond hydration and cold showers, the use of electronic devices that expel fresh air is very common in homes. In this sense, fans are affordable and comfortable to use, in […]

How to make homemade peanut butter

Peanut or peanut butter is one of the most widely used in America, but more and more European countries are beginning to prepare our recipes with this delicious ingredient that gives our dishes a creamier and sweeter touch. This butter is often used to prepare sandwiches or to make delicious […]

Can mayonnaise be frozen?

Mayonnaise is a sauce widely used in the kitchen made basically with eggs, oil, and a touch of vinegar or lemon. Making it at home is not complicated, but it requires a certain technique when it comes to getting the ingredients to mix perfectly and emulsify to achieve the smooth […]

How to make homemade tomato soup

Homemade soups are one of the most nutritious foods since they are made with natural ingredients, of plant or animal origin, which vary depending on the type of soup we want to make. Especially during the cold seasons, they are the favorite dish of the majority to combat it and […]

What is hard and soft water

Surely more than once you have heard of hard water and soft water, right? The difference between the two derives from the levels of lime it contains: hard water is the one that contains the greatest amount of lime, while soft water they are concentrated in a lower proportion. This […]