When we choose the decoration of the bedroom we must do so aware that this space must be comfortable, practical, and also very decorative. Due to these three characteristics, the bed and its accessories become one of the most important elements. The headboard, as expected, is always one of the pieces that take center stage in the room.

But there are many models, styles, and materials available on the market… which one to opt for? Next, in this article, we will talk about the types of headboards available on the market. Take note!

Wooden headboards for bed

Wood is one of the latest trends in home decoration. There are wooden headboards for the bed in a thousand and one shapes, in many types of wood, and capable of adapting to any style you can think of.

For all this, wooden headboards are the most commonly used in bedrooms. In addition, they are really practical and decorative visually.

Wrought iron headboards

Using a wrought iron headboard for the bed is one of the most traditional ideas to give a touch of elegance, romanticism, and intimacy to the rooms.

Today, it is used in many styles, although more especially in those looking for a rustic or vintage style (in this case, especially in colors).

Fabric headboards for bed

This type of headboard consists of an upper steel bar from which decorative fabrics are hung that fall behind the mattress. The best thing about this resource is that you can choose the fabrics that you like the most (color, pattern, texture, etc.), the exact measurements, and even do it yourself at home without spending too much money on the materials.

Upholstered headboards for beds

The upholstery is those very elegant headboards covered by a fluffy fabric, generally made of cotton, leather, leather, or an imitation of the two previous ones.

They are very beautiful to look at and, in addition, these headboards are available in all kinds of colors and with plain designs or decorated with simple stitching (usually checkered).

Decorative vinyl glass headboards for bed

These look just like any of those pretty vinyl frames, only this time it fits as a headboard.

It is a very sophisticated and elegant design, but it has the disadvantage that it is easy to get dirty and the danger of breaking.

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