Planning a wedding can be extremely daunting and it can be easier to be given a list of professionals, jobs, and ideas to start you off. Everyone has different ideas of what they want to do for their wedding however here is a list of common essentials so that you don’t leave anything until the last minute.

To begin your plans, it can be wise to determine a rough timeline so that you are not rushing tasks and give guests enough time to make sure they can attend. The most efficient way to begin is to work back from your desired wedding date. Even if you don’t work to the exact dates set out, timelines are useful for both you as a couple and your wedding planners.

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Secondly, wedding planners can be a lifesaver when it comes to generating ideas. They will help determine budgets on different aspects such as venue, décor, catering, flowers, and the dress. It is important to remember that when planning a wedding, you will most likely be carrying on with everyday life such as going to work and looking after kids. Therefore, having a planner to take over when you don’t have time will come in handy.

A large part of weddings is the décor, especially the flower arrangements. Taking time to share your colour scheme and create mood boards will bring your vision to life. Florist Gloucestershire is a reliable local company that will work with you to design arrangements that are personal to you.

Other aspects to consider are sending out invites, choosing a theme and creating a guest list. All these details will help the day run smoother if achieved in plenty of time. You should not rush when considering guests, and you should think about who is travelling from where and travel arrangements. For example, you may need to suggest local accommodation.

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For a lot of couples, the focus may not be on details such as a band or DJ. However, from a guest’s perspective, the music can be the difference between a generic wedding and a wedding they will never forget. A band is a great idea to create a lively atmosphere, so if you have time it is recommended to try and see them play or listen to samples before the big day.

Whether the big day is in a church or not, booking an officiant in advance is key. They should take time to talk through legal requirements. You may also want to speak to a few so that you choose someone with the right personality and views for your service.

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