Blue is a versatile color that goes well with many other colors. Using it in a bedroom can be a great solution for a simple decoration that can be adapted for a more sober outfit or be part of something more colorful.

Remember also that we are in the 21st century, a time when obsolete concepts such as “blue are the color of a child” must be abandoned. Therefore, it is possible to decorate the room of girls and babies of the female sex with this color without any problems, keep in mind that the options are quite wide.

But what are the general rules for wearing this color? It is important to remember that everything always depends on the purpose of the environment in question. “It is necessary to take into account the use of space to choose the color tone”, warns architect Alessandra Rodrigues, from Arquitectura Manga. “Strong colors provide more seriousness, but for more delicate environments, such as a baby’s room, it is interesting to choose a lighter shade,” he adds.

Anyway, if blue is your favorite color and you don’t want to put it aside when choosing furniture, curtains, paintings, or wallpapers for your room, here are some valuable tips. To make your life easier, we organized suggestions on the types of rooms and in the end, you can still refer to 65 photos for inspiration.

Blue double room

A room for a couple should not have a childish air, so the idea here is to look for more sober combinations with blue. “In a bedroom, you have to be careful not to have a space dedicated to relaxation, so the best option is to choose pastel colors for any color choice,” says Rodrigues. “This makes it even easier to combine different colors.”

Here, it is possible to opt for a basic combination of blue with gray, which maintains the seriousness of the environment and still leaves room for composition with other colors. You also have to consider thinking about leaving all the white walls and adopting blue furniture and bedding.

If you choose blue walls, always choose soft tones. In this context, the ideal is to adopt cushions and vases with stronger shades, perhaps even in complementary colors (such as orange).

Blue single or teen room

Teens are typically vibrant and active, so it’s important to choose a color scheme that moves in the same direction. Here, using blue on one of the bedroom walls, the one behind the headboard, sounds very interesting.

Complementing the scene with light furniture will help make the room better lit. Here too, choosing a nightstand or dresser in a color that contrasts with blue (that is, something that pulls orange) is great advice.

Preparing a room for a single adult also follows a similar line of reasoning. The choice of color tone and style of furniture and décor may change as the adolescent’s personality matures. For singles, the advice is to adopt darker tones on the walls and furniture, perhaps swapping orange for dark gray or even patina black on the nightstand, for example.

Blue children’s bedroom for boysblue room

Older children ask for differentiated care in relation to babies also in terms of decoration. Childhood still allows rooms with a specific theme, such as a cartoon character, a soccer team, or some superhero.

A child’s room must escape completely white walls, so again the idea of ​​painting one or two walls blue is welcome. Varying between shades of blue and green is also a valid way to make a child’s room beautiful, cozy, and fun.

Blue Girls Kids Bedroom Furniture Set

If you want to go to the more conventional side of using blue in girls’ rooms, the advice is to replicate the marine and heavenly environments. “In the girls’ rooms, the themes of the sky and the sea allow the use of blue as a background, leaving room for the pink and lilac details for the composition,” instructs Alessandra Rodrigues.

However, there is also nothing to stop superheroes and cartoon characters from adopting the theme of decorating a girl’s room. Here, a good tip for applying blue is in custom cabinets and bedding; this will also contrast nicely with shades of purple, pink, or even white.

Baby Blue Room

A space for babies does not always need to have “baby” colors, although it is not forbidden either. At this stage of life, it is ideal for the environment to be relaxing, so adopting pastel tones is ideal. Light furniture and patterned wallpapers are also at the top of the list of the best tips, do not leave them out.

If you choose to use a dark blue shade on the wall, combine it with white – horizontal or vertical strips can leave a marine look in the room. In this case, the furniture should also be white so as not to make the environment too dark and stuffy.

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