In addition to their rapid growth, these are ideal for decorating any corner of your home.

Although lighting, watering, and temperature are factors that affect plant growth, there are some that grow very fast thanks to their natural properties.

From the ribbon with its long, fine foliage, to the leafy sansevieria, these houseplants are extremely easy to care for and will grace any corner of your home. Get to know them and incorporate them into your home, you will see that you will have beautiful corners at great speed.


Also known as a spider plant, the ribbon is one of the fast-growing plants and is distinguished by its long and fine foliage. Ideal for hanging pots, it is produced through small shoots that can be planted in the same pot as the mother plant.


Another of the plants that grow fast are the ferns, which are characterized by their long fronds adorned with small green leaves. These usually grow during the spring and summer, as long as they have a good amount of light and humidity.

Areca palm

This type of palm can grow up to three meters indoors and grows very fast during spring and summer. The only thing it needs is filtered light, so the idea is to place it near a window, taking care that the sun does not hit it directly.

English ivy

This climbing plant is common outdoors; however, it gives a decorative accent indoors as well. Fast-growing, it needs medium to indirect light, moist soil, and occasional pruning.


Also known as the Chinese money plant, this is one of the fastest-growing indoor plants. It is incredibly easy to reproduce by cuttings, as long as its care is indirect lighting and occasional watering.

Peace lilies

Thanks to their adaptability and resistance, peace lilies are very common in interior decoration. They can grow up to a meter in just one year, with good indirect lighting and watering two or three times a week.

Tradescantia zebrinaTradescantia zebrina indoor plants

With stunning green and purple foliage, this plant is a fast grower as well as adding a funky touch to any space. In addition, it does not need to be watered frequently and can survive without much care.


Pothos is another of the plants that need little care to grow fast, as it survives in conditions of very little light and irrigation. It can grow up to 60 centimeters in just a couple of months and can be grown both on land and in water.

Aloe vera

Despite being succulent, Aloe Vera grows quite quickly . It is enough to place it next to a window to receive indirect light, in addition to keeping the soil moist so that it stays hydrated.

Ficus elastica

The ficus elastica or rubber plant can grow to an impressive height indoors. Although known for their glossy dark green foliage, they can also have single, reddish-brown leaves and survive in little sun and water.


In addition to its beauty, the hibiscus is a fast-growing houseplant with large, colorful flowers to brighten up your home. You just have to keep it well-watered and place it near the sunniest window.

Heartleaf philodendron

Although there are different species of this plant, the heartleaf philodendron is distinguished by its hasty growth and abundant leaves. Just keep the soil surface dry and get plenty of bright, indirect light.


The sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue is resistant and withstands almost everything, except perhaps excess water and cold. Fast-growing, it must receive intense indirect light, which spreads through underground stems called rhizomes.


Known by its English name, “arrowhead,” this tropical climber is known for its unique arrow-shaped foliage. Ideal for hanging from a shelf, a wall, or a pot, it needs to receive direct light and maintain a high level of humidity in its soil.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

The fiddle leaf fig tree requires more care than the previous plants, however, its spectacular growth makes up for it. For this to develop, it is important to keep its soil soaked and not expose it to direct sun or extreme cold.

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