Due to its simplicity, elegance, and luminosity, the Nordic style has not stopped gaining followers in recent years, achieving such a level of popularity that everyone already knows what the Nordic style in decoration is. This one is inspired by the characteristics and decorative elements that predominate in many of the traditional houses of the Scandinavian countries and it is difficult to resist its particular charm.

The use of light tones so characteristic of this style makes homes especially welcoming. In addition, the simple lines or the careful lighting are some of the details typical of aesthetics, but if you want to know more Nordic-style decoration ideas, in this article we indicate them all and we give you some tips so that you can easily introduce them in your house.

Light colors

If there is something that defines Nordic-style decoration, it is the predominance of white, both in the furniture and in the floor and wall coverings. White provides the luminosity that characterizes this decorative trend, also managing to create cheerful and visually larger spaces.

But what are the colors of the Nordic style besides white? At this point it is about playing with different light tones: white, vanilla, ivory white, beige, or very soft gray on floors and walls. It is a good starting option to give a room, or the whole house, a touch of unmistakable style. Nordic.


It is the second key element that cannot be missing in a Nordic-style decoration, as this material is the perfect complement to the overall light tones. Wooden or parquet floors are warm and pleasant, in addition, they can even be placed in bathrooms, opting for wood prepared to resist humidity.

If you plan to decorate your home in the Nordic style and you want to put the wooden floor, we recommend you consult our post How to choose the Parquet for the House to select the best option in your case.

It should be said that, if you are going to put the parquet floor, it is recommended that you use lighter wood for the main furniture and some decorative detail, these are two basics to achieve a very pleasant environment where natural materials predominate.

Basic and functional furniture

This is a key idea on how to achieve a Nordic style because, in terms of furniture, this aesthetic is characterized by being a minimalist style, which faithfully complies with the maxim ‘ less is more. If you want it to be installed in your home, decorate only with the essential furniture, without overloading the rooms.

Also, choose furniture with sober lines, with a predominance of straight lines, so that they are beautiful and elegant precisely because of their simplicity.

Natural fabrics

Textiles occupy an important place in the set of Nordic decorations but always in the right measure and in natural fabrics. Blinds or heavy curtains don’t go too well with this style. Instead, some light linen curtains, which give you privacy without subtracting natural light, jute, sisal, or pleasant wool rug, some raffia cushions… they are perfect accessories.

Continuous pavements

They are those that are applied mainly on floors and are characterized by not presenting the typical divisions that mark traditional tiles. They are made of different materials (polished cement, resins…) and they also offer different finishes, to adapt to different decorative styles. Continuous pavements are an innovative option for floors inspired by the Nordic style.

Natural decorative details

Another of the Nordic-style decoration ideas is that you introduce nature into the home, making it the protagonist with the presence of a multitude of details that you can add at home if you want a change of style. Here we show you some ideas on how to bring nature into your home:

  • Some centers and vases with dried flowers.
  • Some natural plants fill every corner with life.
  • Some wicker lamps.
  • Some raffia or bamboo baskets to organize bathroom toiletries.
  • A vertical garden in the living room.

A touch of color

The fact that the Nordic style is based on simplicity does not mean that it is boring. As we have indicated, white and light tones are one of its pillars, but among the current decorative trends, the one that includes a touch of color stands out among the set of characteristic neutral tones, thus achieving a beautiful contrast and a combination perfect.

Next, we give you some Nordic-style decoration ideas related to this point:

  • A rug with geometric patterns.
  • Some cushions of intense color (red, purple, burgundy, tile…).
  • A decorative sheet (only one), that fills a white wall with color.

Glass and methacrylate

Together with wood, these are the two materials that go perfectly with Nordic decoration because, visually, they are light and do not opacify the room. A low glass or methacrylate table and some shelves in the same material can be part of the basic furniture in the living room. Both materials, combined with wood, give rise to elegant, functional furniture that is ideal for achieving the Nordic decorative style.

Sorting and storage

Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, cabinets, shelves, and dividing baskets for organizing drawers play an essential role in this type of Nordic decoration, which avoids being overloaded and is not compatible with a room in which thousands of objects are visible. invading space.


This Nordic-style decoration idea is as important as the furniture itself or the coverings. Light is the hallmark of the Nordic style, so it makes the most of natural light, without covering windows, windows, or skylights. In the event that the room does not have any of these elements.

In addition, in artificial lighting, the spotlights that have systems that allow the intensity of light to be regulated in order to create different environments are excellent allies for Nordic decoration.

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