With the arrival of summer and high summer temperatures, families try to find resources to cool down in their homes. Beyond hydration and cold showers, the use of electronic devices that expel fresh air is very common in homes. In this sense, fans are affordable and comfortable to use, in addition to being increasingly efficient.

Although not as effective as air conditioners, many families end up turning to fans to get relief from the sweltering summer heat. There are many models on the market and, over the years, brands have manufactured increasingly efficient and silent options, thus making life easier for users. To discover the different types of fans that you can find on the market and the characteristics of each of them, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Table fans

Table fans were developed by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler in 1886. As was the case at that time, it is a model that stands out for its great versatility and for how easy it is to transport: you can place it in any corner of the different rooms in the home since they do not take up much space. In addition, they provide immediate freshness.

Its use is very simple since you can orient it in any direction by turning it easily. If you buy it with the built-in oscillating function, you can get higher air efficiency and more comfort. The consumption in certain models is not very high, thus being an interesting option for those people who seek to save on their energy bill. If you would like to buy a table fan, you can see its price here.

Ceiling fans

This type of fan is one of the most demanded because, in addition to taking up minimal space, it helps to enhance the decoration of the home. The origin of the design of these fans is from the 19th century, but since then their characteristics have improved remarkably, especially in terms of their efficiency.

The great advantage of ceiling fans is that they do not bother and they cool the room very quickly, especially if you combine it with the use of air conditioning. You also have the possibility of choosing the number of blades you want depending on the size of the room and the air conditioning needs. With this button, you can buy a ceiling fan.

Standing fans

The main difference between standing fans and table fans is that they have the advantage of distributing the air from a greater height, making them an effective system when it comes to providing a feeling of freshness. Many pedestal fans include an oscillating feature that helps distribute the air better. Among the customization options available, they allow a perfect adjustment to your needs and to the decoration of the rooms in which they are located.

Another of the advantages that these devices have is that they are very easy to transport from one room to another, thus giving the possibility of using it in the bedroom and in the living room, for example. In addition, they are easy to maintain and clean. If you would like to have a standing fan, you can buy it here.

Tower fans

If what you are looking for is a fan that does not take up much space and, above all, that is functional, the tower model is a very good option. In recent years, manufacturers have made an important commitment to the design of these devices, which allows you to combine them with current and modern furniture.

These types of fans have the advantage that they capture all the air located in the lower part of the room, managing to move it upwards in order to distribute it evenly. As soon as you buy a model with these characteristics, you can start using it without the need to carry out work as is the case with ceiling fans.

In addition, in winter you can easily store them thanks to their design, since they do not take up too much space. This is one of the reasons why tower fan sales continue to grow. Here, you can check the price of this type of fan.

Bladeless fans

Although normally a fan is associated with the blades, there are models whose blades are not visible. These fans have a motor in charge of capturing the air at the base and driving it upwards until it is released to the outside through some slots located at the rear.

Its aesthetic is futuristic in some cases, especially valued by design lovers. They are also silent models. Bladeless fans offer extra security, which is why they are chosen in homes with the presence of children and/or pets. If you want a fan without blades, here you can buy it.

How to choose a fan

After discovering the different types of fans that exist, at we want to help you choose one by giving you the following recommendations so that it is the most suitable for your needs:

Space occupied and air distribution: the ceiling fan occupies less space and distributes the air more evenly throughout the room compared to the standing fan, but the only drawback is that its installation is a little more expensive.

Safety: fan models without blades are the safest, since their air distribution mechanism is hidden, although the vast majority of these devices have a protective grill with which they try to avoid accidents.

Quiet: Newer bladeless fans, both freestanding and tabletop, emit a very low, almost imperceptible sound. To enjoy a good rest while using it at night, during its operation you must check that it does not exceed 50 decibels.

Consumption: generally, standing fans have an average consumption of 90 kW/hour. On the other hand, the ceiling ones consume 60 kW/hour, but everything is subject to the technical characteristics of the device.

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