We all want our home to look great, but the reality is, very few of us live a life where we can live in a show home. General life, kids and pets all make keeping our home looking perfect difficult! Flooring in particular can really take a hit when it comes to family life and getting the balance right between practical and pleasing to look at can be tough.

Because the flooring is such a big part of a room, it can also affect how the room looks and feels, so bad flooring can have an impact on the look of your whole room no matter how good it is!

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As well as this, different rooms in the home will call for different requirements from flooring. For example, in a bedroom you might want flooring that is more about feeling cosy and comfortable, as well as something a little bit luxurious, like a wool carpet. However, in a kitchen or a bathroom, something like lino will be better, as these rooms do not only have a lot of water that often makes its way onto the floor, but there are also likely to be other spillages and more footfall in general.

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Hallways and living rooms are places where you need to strike a balance. Engineered wood flooring like this https://www.irwintiles.ie/wooden-flooring/engineered-wood-flooring is a good way to get a stylish look, but is still easy enough to clean as these areas are likely to be well used!

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