I am sure that more than once you have heard that the banana is fattening and it is that, among all the fruits that exist. It is one of the ones with the highest caloric and carbohydrate intake. But this, instead of making us fat, gives us a great source of energy. And nutrients that are perfect for spending the day with vitality. In this article, we want to answer your question about whether bananas make you fat by discovering the many benefits of this fruit, and its contribution to a healthy diet, and we will also talk about the banana diet, a plan to lose weight that is based on banana intake.

Banana Benefits

In order to address the issue that concerns us, it is important to start by talking about the nutritional contribution that we find in 100 grams of banana, taking into account, therefore, that a normal banana usually weighs about 78 grams when we remove the skin.

Banana Nutritional Value

  • ·        110 calories
  • ·         0 grams of fat
  • ·         29 grams of carbohydrates
  • ·         4 grams of fiber
  • ·         21 grams of sugars
  • ·         1 gram of protein
  • ·         Vitamin A: 38 mg.
  • ·         Sodium: 1mg.
  • ·         Vitamin B1: 0.05 mg.
  • ·         Phosphorus: 27 mg.
  • ·         Vitamin: B2 0.06mg.
  • ·         Calcium: 8mg.
  • ·         Vitamin: B3 0.7 mg.
  • ·         Potassium: 385mg.
  • ·         Vitamin: B6: 0.37mg.
  • ·         Magnesium: 36mg.
  • ·         Vitamin C: 11 mg.
  • ·         Iron: 0.7mg.
  • ·         Vitamin E: 0.5mg.
  • ·         Fluorine: 0.02 mg.
  • ·         Iron: 0.24mg.

Banana Benefits

Thanks to this nutritional contribution, bananas provide us with great optimal benefits for our body, such as the following:

  • ·         Reduces hypertension thanks to its contribution of potassium and its low amount of sodium
  • ·         Less risk of heart disease thanks, also, to its great contribution to potassium
  • ·         Ideal food for athletes due to its high energy intake and its multiple minerals that can be lost with physical exercise and sweating
  • ·         It stimulates the segregation of serotonin, the hormone that is related to pleasure and well-being, therefore, it is ideal for combating depression or anxiety.
  • ·         Ideal to prevent anemia thanks to its high iron content
  • ·         Improves mental concentration thanks to its contribution of potassium
  • ·         Optimal for treating constipation as it is a fruit full of fiber that improves intestinal transit

Healthy eating with banana

Now we are going to give you a clear answer to your question about whether bananas make you fat: the answer is NO. This is a food myth that has spread among society and the origin of this concept is that if we compare its nutritional value with other fruits, we notice that the banana has more calories and its water content is much lower; on the other hand, it does contain carbohydrates to a large extent. This is the reason why the erroneous belief that bananas make you fat has always been maintained, but nothing is further from the truth.

It is a fruit full of nutrients, as you have already seen, which is perfect for providing energy to our body, and, also, thanks to its great contribution of fiber, it acts as an ideal appetite satiate or for slimming diets. In this sense, we must emphasize that it provides starch, a component that stimulates the process of weight loss and, therefore, is an extra help that will help us lose kilos.

If we look at the carbohydrates found in this fruit, it should be noted that these go directly to the large intestine, that is, they are metabolized very quickly, preventing it from happening as it happens in most other carbohydrates: they are converted into saturated fat. In the case of bananas, this does not happen and it is quickly metabolized by our body, providing us with the energy and nutrients we need without turning into fat.

In fact, thanks to its ability to satisfy our appetite, and improve intestinal transit. And speed up metabolism, there is currently a banana diet to lose weight in which these benefits are used to achieve the desired goal of losing weight. In the next step, we will discover it for you.

The banana diet

Hitoshi Watanabe is a Japanese doctor who devised the banana diet with his wife Sumiko, who is a pharmacist. They were inspired by the properties of the banana and. Above all, by its great power to satisfy the appetite and provide us with large doses of energy, something ideal for not feeling faint during the diet.

Doing this diet is very easy because the only thing you need to know is that it is recommended that you extend it for a maximum of 4 days during which you must follow these rules:

  • ·         When you wake up you should drink a glass of warm water that will help you stimulate your metabolism, as well as promote deep cleaning.
  • ·         After 1 hour you will have to eat 1 banana and if you are more hungry you can have another after 20 minutes
  • ·         The snack should also consist of 1 banana
  • ·         Dinner should always be early, at the latest at 8:00 p.m., and you should not include a banana, since no fruit is recommended before going to bed.
  • The trick of this diet is that during lunch and dinner you eat low-fat and lightly cooked foods; Above all, vegetables, lean proteins, and cereals such as brown rice should abound.

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