Parkinsons is a terrible disease that slowly affects the person suffering from it, as it is a degenerative condition. It is currently incurable. The Base ganglia part of the brain that controls movement and speech becomes impaired or dies. This results in the person finding it difficult to walk and talk. It manifests itself in sudden jerky movements and rigidity. It can also make passing food difficult and be responsible for sleep disorders.  A lack of dopamine from the affected part of the brain sees the body start to react. As the symptoms progress, extra care is needed from care and support workers. Support Worker Jobs Gloucester based agency Take Five Healthcare Support Worker Jobs can provide staff in this area.

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For those caring for someone with the disease, there are still things that can be done to help them. The first thing to do is read as much as possible about how the condition works. The lack of movement and reduced ability can cause the sufferer to become embarrassed, and you should try and help out with cooking and shopping where you can. However, exercise is also a great way to help slow and combat the disease and to relieve it so getting the person out and about or doing low impact exercise such as Yoga is a good idea.

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Getting out of the home and out into the world is one the best ways, along with the prescribed medicines, they help slow down the advance of the symptoms. It will also help bring you closer and have more shared moments together.

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