Gray jeans are always a fashion item, a classic. They can be worn in any season of the year. They have something that makes them chic and special.

When you have learned how to combine them with what you have in your wardrobe, you can create different, stylish outfits suitable for any occasion, for work and leisure.

Here is the guide for a street-style outfit, to know how to wear your gray jeans

The style of the weekend – skinny jeans and ponchos

A sophisticated look for a weekend day or a day of shopping with friends: combine your jeans with an oversized poncho. Choose one of those knitted, for a warm embrace even in the middle of winter. Or choose a colored one to create a trendy effect.

Add a soft-colored shoulder strap and you’re ready for an afternoon of wild shopping.

Tip: wear comfortable shoes if you have to walk all day. We like a simple, white, easy to wear and very trendy sneaker!

A bold look – gray jeans and a shimmery top

Do you want to be ready for a cocktail or to go to the club, but without losing your daring touch? How about this irresistible evening outfit? A bright top over a pair of dark gray jeans.

We like the scruffy denim style for the evening. Pair this look with a pair of wedge ankle boots and lots of character.

Tip – When you wear a very shiny garment, accessories should be minimal. So no jewels or just one ring at the most. Not to overdo it.

An outfit to stand out – gray jeans and colorful accessories

Stand out from the crowd, even if you wear gray jeans, just combine them with colorful accessories that stand out.

Pearl gray jeans, slip-fitting, and a sweater with soft tones, create the perfect combination to bring out an important multicolored necklace. Wear this outfit paired with a pair of colorful high-heeled pumps. The perfect match for a cultural afternoon or brunch with friends, or an informal date.

Tip: If you feel like going over the top a bit, you can amplify the effect of this outfit with some colorful bracelets.

A date outfit – Gray jeans and fitted top

Here is a very simple outfit that you can wear to go for a coffee with someone or for a party or to go out at night. A coffee during the day, a romantic summer walk with a really cute guy, show your curves, wear a pair of skinny gray jeans paired with a white top. Add sandals in metal or natural shades and forget about the jewels, your look will gain and you will have the soap and water look of the girl next door.

Tip: you can choose a top with bra straps, like the one in the photo, to play with your feminine side. Or wear something even simpler, like a white top, and match the accessories according to your personal style.

Ready for work – Gray jeans and a top with graphic prints

Those of you who work in the creative industry may have fun pairing gray jeans with graphic print tops. Gray jeans and shirt, or sweater when the temperature drops, flashy in modular black and white designs, and you’ll really look like someone who knows what she wants. The monotone color scheme gives you a professional air, but the unpredictable combination has a fresh and trendy effect. Wear this outfit with masculine outerwear, on the occasion of “creative” meetings and interviews.

Tip: combine your office attire with a pair of high-quality leather loafers and a black leather sac à main.

Chic daytime look – gray jeans and a houndstooth scarf

For us, the houndstooth with gray jeans is like peanut butter and jam. When you need to get out of the house quickly – without sacrificing style – slip on a pair of skinny gray jeans, a black sweater, and a giant houndstooth scarf. This apparently so simple outfit is always good for carrying the kids around and meeting friends for a coffee.

Tip: If a day away from home is waiting for you, wear black loafers or ballet flats to stay comfortable all the time without giving up a Parisian look. Or wear this outfit with black leather ankle boots, to make it even more aggressive.

Lunch with friends? Gray jeans and over the knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are trendy for fall and winter. Create an outfit so surprising that your friends at the next brunch will be amazed, wear a tone-on-tone combination, with a gray sweater and gray slip-fit jeans. A fabulous shoulder bag will complete the effect.

Tip: Jeans with special details will make your outfit even more extraordinary. Look for styles with zips, biker-style stitching, noticeable details, and other features that make your jeans an unparalleled model.

Appointment look – gray jeans with a colorful top

Gray and yellow are an extraordinarily fashionable combination that gives a sophisticated tone to your look but without exaggerating. Suitable for an informal date, a coffee with a new friend for example, or to go out for dinner with your husband. Your mate will smile when he sees you dressed like this, skinny jeans, a soft yellow shirt, and loose hair. Wear this outfit the next time you go out in a fabulous pair of shoes (turn the jeans upside down if you like to show them better)

Tip: Play with accessories to create a sunny or sexy look, depending on your mood. For example, an orange bag adds a fun note to the daytime look. For a more refined look, remove the wristwatch, replace it with an important golden bracelet and combine the set with a black leather or animal print clutch.

A casual formal style – gray jeans and a structured jacket

Here is a very simple outfit that combines the usual gray jeans, adapting it to the work look, on the days when you can go with jeans. You can get ready for your casual Friday by wearing slip-on, but not tight-fitting gray jeans. Pair them with a structured blazer in a masculine cut, white, navy, or black, worn over a tank top or top (if the weather is mild, wear a jacket with a lighter fabric, cotton, linen, or seersucker. Add a necklace and a structured bag. , you will be ready for a presentation or meeting even on a Friday.

Tip: use the cigarette cut of the jeans to show off your favorite shoes. A classic décolleté in a neutral tone will be perfect for this office look.

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