Hi beauties! Today we talk about wedding dresses 2019-2020 and bridal trends. No, wait a minute, I’m not getting married! No, no, no! But let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of the white dress? Know that whether you are a lover of the vintage wedding dress, whether you are among those who love the super modern wedding dress, there is a world of trends also with regard to wedding dresses 2019-2020.

Whether short or long, with a wide or mermaid skirt, with a train or veil, with long sleeves or with short sleeves, one thing is certain, the right wedding dress for us is only one. Would you like to discover which the most fashionable wedding dresses are for the season? Here they are!

Simple wedding dresses: Very deep v-neck wedding dresses

One of the strongest trends of the season is that of deep and very deep V-neck wedding dresses. The deep V neckline reaches the center of the breasts; the very deep neckline arrives decidedly beyond. This type of neckline is perfect for those with very few breasts, so as not to make the dress vulgar: excellent is also the idea of covering with tulle or lace peat of the neckline with effect I see – I can’t see.

Special wedding dresses: The cape dress

Among the most fashionable clothes, there are those with a very special train. Yes, because the particular wedding dresses, the most trendy ones have the train that starts from the back, with a beautiful mantle effect: these are the cape dresses! What a chic!

Short wedding dresses

Among the trends for wedding dresses, there is also that of short wedding dresses. Fresh, cheeky, young: the important thing is that the hem covers the knee, like this. I like!

Princely wedding dresses with a wide skirt

Timeless as the dreams on wedding dresses: the dress with a wide skirt, the real princess dress. Whether elegantly basic or enriched with lace or sequins, the princely skirt is very broad.

Modern wedding dresses: Sleeves with a train

And always on the subject of trains, one of the novelties in terms of wedding dresses concerns long, very long sleeves. Not practical, perhaps, but absolutely fabulous.

Wedding dress with overalls

If they were to ask me, which is the coolest wedding dress of the season, that crazy little wedding dress that really follows the fashion of the moment, I would say without doubt the wedding dress. Yes, you got it right! It is a suit, often in lace, combined with a skirt that creates an effect I see – I can’t see. Does it remind you of something?

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