Your television aerial allows you to watch all of your favourite programmes, but like any technology or equipment that can be found in the home, a television aerial sometimes needs to be replaced. It can simply need replacing because it has gotten old and has degraded over the years, or it could have become damaged by storms or trees.

Often, you won’t always know if it is time to replace your aerial, and an engineer like this tv aerial repair Gloucester based company will need to test it to make sure it is working correctly, however there are signs in some cases that the time has come to replace it. Here are some of the things to look out for that could signify a problem with your television aerial…

TV Channels Missing – If you have had particular channels on your television in the past and you now can’t find them, this could be a fault with the aerial. If you have tried to retune the television and this hasn’t worked, it is worth getting an engineer to come and take a look at the aerial in this case, as this could well be where the issue is.

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If you can See the Damage – If you see that the antennae looks damaged from the ground, then you definitely need to get it checked, even if you are not having any issues with the television. If it has become dislodged it could be at risk of falling and causing damage or injury or be at risk of further damage. It is always a good idea to have a look at your aerial antennae after particularly bad weather as this can often damage or move an aerial.

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No Signal to the Television – If you turn the television on and see the words no signal on the screen then this is likely to be an issue with the aerial. You can check that everything is connected properly into the television inside, as it could be as simple as the fact that one of the cables has been knocked out of the television. If you have checked this and everything is connected properly, and it still isn’t receiving a signal then you should get a television aerial engineer to come and take a look.

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