So far so good. But you might be wondering .. why would anyone stop eating something so tasty? It is .. the truth is that it is not easy to keep the line and resist the sweet foods that are already part of our daily lives. But the good news is that if you can stop consuming the added sugar in your food, your body will change and you will enjoy many benefits.

The sugar is literally a villain. After all, it is as addictive as a drug and, as many studies around the world have shown, our body does not need it. But we must not be radicals, what is bad is the excess of refined sugar … the one that is added to food. However, the natural, like the fruit, is welcome and should not be cut from food. Understood?

If we look at sugar from a nutritional point of view we can see that it not only brings nothing beneficial to our bodies, but also steals minerals and vitamins from it. In addition to causing various damage to our body and lead to the onset of diseases such as diabetes.

Eat less sugar … you’re already sweet enough!

Reasons why we should stop consuming aggregate sugar:

  • It’s addictive

Have you ever noticed how desperate you are for sweets the more you eat? This is because sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Because it stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, the hormone that makes you feel pleasure.

  • Raises insulin levels and causes weight gain

And increasing these levels automatically increases weight, especially through high calorie intake.

  • Raises Blood Triglycerides

Excess sugar elevates blood triglycerides, which is a type of fat that stores extra calories and lowers HDL (good cholesterol) protection levels.

  • Harmful to the Heart

Several studies have shown that diets high in sugar or high in glycemic index are directly related to an increased risk of heart disease.

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  • Endangers Liver Health

Sugar-rich diets alter the texture of the liver, which is one of the most complex organs and responsible for producing one of the body’s main sources of glucose, glycogen.

  • Increases the chances of kidney stones

According to studies, this increase is approximately 25%!

  • Damage to teeth

When sugar mixes with bacteria in the mouth, an acid is produced that can attack the teeth.

  • Harms Perception of Sweetness

By having the taste buds used to very sugary foods, we lose the perception of naturally sweet ones, such as fruits.

  • Causes wrinkles and acne

Sugar is extremely harmful to our skin. It breaks down collagen and elastin … the protein fibers responsible for keeping our skin firm and elastic. It also triggers oil production on the face, favoring the appearance of acne.

  • Promotes inflammation in the body

Excess can cause increased levels of oxytocin, which are the body’s inflammatory messengers.

Decreasing your sugar intake will provide a number of benefits to your body. And I’m proof of that, because during the challenge I noticed differences in my body and my health. I will soon write a post about these benefits, OK?

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