When temperatures start to rise, we are all ready for what lies ahead: vacations. It is time that the plans you have in mind end up becoming a reality, to travel to that place you were dreaming of, to finally be able to rest and get away from the routine. At the same time the body looks much more exposed (to the sun’s rays, to the chlorine of the swimming pools, to an unbalanced diet, to changes in the hours of sleep) here you will find all the keys to being perfect during those months.

Laser hair removal

Because it is okay to always have to keep an eye on the appointments to make the wax or that an unexpected end up becoming a countdown because you have to use the blade in a hurry if you want to look perfect. Keep in mind that today there are great offers in laser hair removal so it will not be expensive (especially if you have all the money and time to be saved in the long run) In some centers, they commit with their clients to offer them closed prices until they manage to eliminate the hair of a certain area so the results will always be more than satisfactory. A problem less for the summer, whatever the occasion, the hairs will not get in the way of anyone.


Yes, it is best to start before the summer months and, if possible, maintain this custom throughout the year because beyond an aesthetic issue, it is beneficial for health and this must always be kept in mind. During the holidays there are many people who, at present, opt because at that time it is not all-sedentary lifestyle and this is very good because thus returning later to that routine becomes much more bearable.

Drink a lot of water

It is important to stay hydrated and avoid as much as possible the strongest hours in which the sun falls. Although every year you notice this in the same media, you must always regret the occasional situation that could have been avoided. All family members must keep this in mind.

Tan and take care of yourself at the same time

A nice tan to wear after returning to work is always good but you don’t have to force the body. The skin must be taken care of at all times and use sunscreen. Without this, what can be achieved is a burn or even a melanoma. Health must always be the main thing. The good thing is that right now there are a few products on the market that help boost tanning while caring for the skin. In case of doubt, you can always consult a pharmacist or dermatologist to be the specialists who advise depending on the type of skin that you can have.

Wear sunglasses

There are those who use them only because they are fashionable or as a complement and although this may be very good, we must not forget that their main function will be to protect the eyes. As with the rest of the body, this must be kept in mind.

Hair mask

In the same line as the previous two points is the fact of caring for and protecting the hair. You will be constantly exposed to external agents that can harm you and a lot (from the sun itself to chlorine or sea salt) Putting on a mask before going to sunbathe can be of great help because it will keep you hydrated for as long as is out Then it will only be a matter of taking a shower as usual.


Surely, you have heard that one of the things that models advice (who live, basically, of their image) is to sleep the hours necessary for the body to regenerate. This is vitally important. Of course, during holidays, circumstances may occur where the clock is not important, but trying to make this not a constant will not only be good for the physical aspect, but when you return to the routine, the change will not be appreciated.

The feeding

Same as in the previous point. Yes, it is time to make some excess and allow, of course, the odd whim but better with measure and that this is not a constant on every day of rest because the body will end up being harmed much more than due. In addition, all the effort that could have been made during the rest of the year can suffer.

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