Seniors Helping Seniors Lake County IN would like to remind you that slip and falls accidents can have serious consequences for elderly adults. A senior citizen doesn’t need to actually fall to the ground to sustain an injury. A stumble can generate enough energy to shock the system and trigger any number of ailments that could endanger an older adult.

That’s why it’s so important to prevent slips and falls at all costs.

As we get older our sense of balance can start to fail as a result of any number of causes. Our bodies are also more susceptible to injury and illness, making a slip and fall incident a much more serious thing than it may have been in the younger years. If a senior falls down and there are no immediate indications of discomfort or injury there may still be some undetected side effects that have yet to reveal themselves.

Slip and fall incidents can be avoided. Some of the most effective ways to do that are also some of the simplest to remember. Depending on the situation and the senior, preventing a fall may be as easy as implementing some simple lifestyle adjustments to keep them safe from harm. For some, there may be larger changes that need to be introduced instead. The following are some important tips for preventing an incident from occurring:

Prep the HomeImportant Senior Fall Prevention Tips

This is usually the most critical area for prevention and the toughest to understand for some seniors. The home in which they have lived for years and was always safe is now fraught with potential hazards and pitfalls that could lead to an accident.

Check the home to see if there are threats afoot, things like uneven walkways, loose carpeting or rugs that could cause a senior to trip, furniture set in places that impede unhindered movement through a room, and stairwells with loose railings. Diagnosing the home for any possible problems is a critical component for keeping seniors safe.

Bathrooms can also pose serious hazards, especially for seniors getting in and out of a shower or tub. Introducing water into the equation can increase the risk of slip and fall accidents, so it may be a good idea to install handrails to make it easier for seniors to use the shower or tub and even the toilet. A handrail can provide additional stability, preventing a slip and fall incident from happening.

Anti-slip mats on the floors and inside the tub or shower are also a must. They can offer a senior that increased confidence with every step.

Brighter LightingImportant Senior Fall Prevention Tips

Seniors who can’t see where they are walking are more likely to slip and fall. It’s really just that simple. If a senior is already dealing with eyesight issues, inadequate lighting can only exacerbate the situation. So while you’re making the home fall-proof, be sure to audit the bulbs in the home.

For starters, make sure all fixtures have lighting in them and all switches are working properly. Then you can determine whether or not the wattage is adequate for the areas in which the bulbs are located. Those areas to take particular notice are stairs and hallways that are used most often by your senior.

If you think the lighting is too dim, swap out the bulbs for versions that are much brighter.

Have Eyesight Checked

Seniors who are struggling with vision issues are at a higher risk of falling down because they just can’t see where they are going. When eyesight is failing, even the most assured step can become perilous as that step could be placed somewhere unstable.

Seniors who may be having vision concerns should go to their eye doctor and have their sight checked. Corrective lenses may be needed or those who already have eyeglasses may need their prescription updated to a stronger alternative. Regular trips to the eye doctor can be very effective in preventing slip and fall incidents.

Eyeglasses should also be checked to ensure they fit the face properly. When the frames are slipping or they don’t stay in place, that can pose vision challenges and could increase the possibility of a slip and fall taking place.


It’s true, staying active can help seniors restore their sense of balance and make them feel more confident about moving naturally. Exercise can also improve the mind and body to feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic. These exercises don’t need to be strenuous, even a walk around the neighborhood can do the trick.

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