If you’ve ever watched a medical drama or documentary, you might wonder what a tracheostomy is or have seen the procedure carried out and wondered why it is performed. First of all, a trach tube is inserted into the trachea, just below the vocal cords. This is an emergency procedure done to help a patient who is struggling to breathe.

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A tracheostomy is often necessary because of a medical condition or injury. In infants, tracheostomy is usually required after prolonged use of a ventilator. Other reasons include prematurity and lung diseases. A tracheostomy can also be performed during surgery, during which the surgeon cuts a tube and inserts it through the neck. Once the tube is placed, the patient may need it for the rest of their lives. Reasons for needing this procedure include a tumour that prevents breathing, choking, weakened neck muscles, paralysis or swelling caused by anaphylaxis, for example. Find out where you can receive Clinical Training Courses by visiting https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/clinical-training-courses/

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The procedure can be difficult. Remember that it’s normal for the tracheostomy patient to have difficulty talking right after the surgery. However, if the surgery was successful, you can expect to need some rehabilitation and speech therapy. The trach may prevent the patient from speaking or interacting normally with hospital staff and family.

While a tracheostomy may not be permanent, it’s usually often performed in an emergency. This surgery may be done at the bedside or at the scene of an accident. Your doctor will provide you with instructions and care tips to help you cope with this procedure.


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