Having good emotional health helps us face the many challenges that stand in our way. What can we do to better manage our emotions? In this space, we will tell you how to improve emotional health.

Having good emotional health will help us better manage our reactions in stressful contexts. Often people focus on physical health, neglecting the importance of maintaining an emotional balance to better respond to challenging situations.

Emotional health, for some authors, is “the responsible management of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors”. This definition implies being able to recognize everything we feel and think, give it a name, accept it and integrate it into our lives.

Those with good mental health have the ability to control their feelings assertively; Also, they have good self-esteem as well as personal relationships. Conversely, emotional maladjustments can lead to health disorders like anxiety disorder or major depression, as some studies indicate.

This occurs because the reactions of sadness, anxiety, anger or depression reach high levels of intensity that are maintained over time and produce changes in behavior. This leads people to forget healthy habits, which increases the risk of developing addictive behaviors or that puts general health at risk. How to increase emotional health?

How to improve emotional healthimprove emotional health

According to a publication of the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies (ISEP), having good emotional health is reflected in an increase in general well-being. It is important to understand that all emotions are desirable since they meet certain goals in our lives.

Therefore, although certain emotions are classified as negative and undesirable, it is important to learn to manage them properly, without trying to repress them. This translates into better emotional health and less tendency to stress, anxiety, depression, among other disorders.

What can we do to improve emotional health? There are actually small adjustments that help train our minds to better manage the emotional part. In the next space, we detail some general recommendations.

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Recognize emotions

Learn to recognize our emotions and distinguish what makes us feel frustrated, angry or sad. As we discussed, we are not going to try to repress them, but we will seek to accept that they are part of us and that for some reason we are experiencing them.

Express feelingsimprove emotional health

The expression of feelings is synonymous with good emotional health. If we feel discomfort and this causes tension, we could have difficulties – whether at work or at home – if we do not express what we feel appropriate.

Think first and then act

This is necessary since the intensity of emotions can lead us to act improperly, having to regret the consequences in the future. To avoid this, the best thing to do is think about the results that could come after our way of acting.

Apply relaxation techniquesimprove emotional health

As detailed in a publication in the medical journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, meditation techniques are resources with positive effects in managing stress. Therefore, it is convenient to adopt options such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga or others.

Take a time

Living in a hurry is one of the reasons why we are immersed in states of stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is good to take time, live calmly and enjoy those things that are simple, but that fills us with fullness and helps us feel happy.

Get enough rest

A poor quality of sleep, added to the hectic lifestyle, considerably affects mood. Due to this, it is essential to sleep well, at least 7 hours a day without interruptions, and to take active breaks during the day.

Establish positive connections with others

We must try to get away from conflictive relationships. If we surround ourselves with people who add up, our emotional health improves dramatically. Furthermore, we ourselves must focus on the positive things, avoiding staying in the complaint.

Positive relationships also arise when we do things that help others. We cannot always think individually because many times being good with oneself means acting in favor of the other.

Learn new things

Without losing curiosity about all the good that the world has for us, we can learn new languages, start a new book, sign up for a course, among others.

Every human being is different, as well as their needs. However, in order to be well all, it is necessary to work on the emotional health of each of us.

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