The success of fabric flower earrings is hard to match. We love them because they have a lot of styles and personalities. As well as the flowers. in this daisies case, we create with beads that have an air more relaxed and informal (but certainly not lack an original style and elaborate) flowers made of fabric give us finishes, textures, and shapes more diverse since the tissues that we can use, by themselves, they have that infinite diversity.

In addition, they are perfect for any occasion, both for the most informal looks, as well as for the most elegant and sophisticated. They can be made to match any garment, even using a piece of fabric or pieces of the same dress.

We love to use these types of techniques because they allow us to obtain light, very comfortable jewelry that does not weigh much and that regardless of its size you can decorate to your liking, only the detail, as we said, of taking advantage of scraps of your dress facilitates the combination original that you were looking for without making a significant financial outlay.

We could say that it is the use we get in the world of crafts, costume jewelry, beads and beads. The big difference is that, in this case, you achieve an incredible effect that makes your earrings or earrings unique and unrepeatable.

Fabric flowers are a perfect ornament for your earrings, but with them, you can also create brooches, rings, necklaces … They are not only ideal for making jewelry, with them you can also decorate headbands, headdresses, and even shoes.

How to make fabric flowers

With this tutorial, we show you how to make a very simple model, as well as different designs with the same technique. It consists of cutting fabric circles of different sizes and joining them together with a needle and thread. The fabric should not be too thick so that we can work with it without difficulty.

Cutouts for making fabric flowers

Don’t be scared if sewing isn’t your thing. We are actually joining the different pieces that we are going to use with a few small stitches that you can make easily and safely.

You can use basic earring closures to which you can also attach findings or metal pieces to help you give different shapes. You can also use earring rings of different sizes to which you can attach more or fewer flowers, like the ones we show you in the last example of the video.

Some people seek more minimalism and prefer to decorate with two, three or four strategically placed flowers and symmetrically. If, on the other hand, you like to show off all those flowers all the way around the hoop, you will probably have to make smaller flowers so that you can distinguish each one of them well.

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