Today we have so many appliances in our homes that we don’t normally give them a second thought. They are just there when we need them and we take them for granted. But have you ever gone to load the dishwasher and wondered just how many different professions were involved in the manufacture of your handy appliance? Probably not but it’s worth considering as it tells us a lot about the supply chain. As we all seek to become more responsible and sustainable in our practices, let’s learn about what really goes into the process of having appliances.

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There are, surprisingly, around 15 different industry sectors involved in the process of manufacturing and selling household appliances. When you break this down even further, that equates to approximately 186 different professions! Among the 15 different sectors you’ll find:

Management – Throughout every step of the process from material sourcing to the shop floor, there are management teams responsible for their part of the supply chain. Whether this is the manager of a parts manufacturing facility or a sales manager for a major electronics retailer, there’s always got to be a boss!

Business, legal and financial – Management also need to report to someone and this is usually a team of business and financial experts who help make sure that profits are made and legal requirements are adhered to in areas such as tax, international commerce, health and safety and financial forecasting.

Computers – Pretty much everything is run digitally these days and there will always be a dedicated team of IT personnel for each stage of the manufacturing, transport and selling of goods.

Engineering – There are many very clever people designing and evolving our modern appliances as well as building them.

Production – This is a large sector that involves both the individual component manufacture and the facility where all the parts are brought together to create the finished product. Find out more about UK Rubber Moulding process for parts manufacture at a site like meadex rubber mouldings

Transportation – The transportation sector includes every part of the journey from material sourcing to parts manufacturing and shipping of goods to retailers. For larger appliances, there is also the need for delivery of the appliance to the consumer.

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Sales – A whole sector of salespeople are required to have detailed knowledge of the appliances they sell to be able to explain features to customers and display the benefits of investing in anything from a TV to a new refrigerator.

Office and Administration – To keep track of orders, payments, warranties and customer queries, every part of the process will have dedicated teams of administrators ensuring that data and paperwork is up to date and accurate.

Installation and repair services – Need someone to install your new appliance? Engineers are another sector of the appliance industry who are trained to install, service and repair goods after a sale has taken place.

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