Three months ago I changed my hair color, abandoning my beloved copper-red to experiment with new warm colors: I opted for a bright peach gradient. Freshly made it was beautiful and shiny, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to maintain. I armed myself with patience and started experimenting. I would like to tell you about my experience but not only, also to advise you because making a crazy color is not something for everyone.

Crazy Colors: my advice

Until a few months ago, my high point of madness had been a homemade flame-red coloring, which however suited me and was not excessive. But when you choose to bleach to give yourself a crazy color you need to know three things:

bleaching always ruins the hair: it is important to know how to treat it properly immediately, making moisturizing masks even several times a week, with small or large poses. You know my favorites, I told you about them here

you can know how to keep them, you can listen to your hairdresser and his advice but you must have a lot of patience and know that not everything can be done at home: rely on a professional and rely on it often. Especially if you give yourself to degradé, you cannot hope that the color will embrace your hair in the same way for more than a month, and you cannot complain if the detachment is too big and you will look like a cartoon;

I made a header, probably the last one, but think about it: do you have the time, the patience, but above all the money to keep a crazy color?

How I relive the color: the products used

I was not familiar with DIY coloring at home with crazy colors, used to the classic supermarket coloring. I decided to focus on a product that was easy to use and with a minimum margin of damage, by purchasing the permanent dye of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair (14 €) in the Neon Peach color on the English site Cult Beauty. To add and restart the pink reflections inside the color I bought the Rose Conditioner (7 €) by Bleach London, also from the Cult Beauty website, while I relied on the Color Fresh by Wella in the 7.63 shade (which I already used to revive my copper) to warm the color further.

How often do I reapply the color?

I started with an application every two weeks, up to apply it once a week when in-between against a weekend at the beach, which inevitably eats up the color making me very, very blonde. During my stay at the beach, I redid the color only once because after four days it had already, inevitably, disappeared and I preferred to keep the product waiting for the right opportunity.

How to use: doses and processing time

After experiments and additions, I developed a working technique. I wash my hair with the shampoo for colored hair without applying the conditioner, I dry it completely and proceed with the application of the mixture, which I keep in place for an hour and a half, maximum two. Rinse and proceed with drying and styling. The mixture that I will show you in this article is the definitive one, which I have already shown you in this video on my IGTV channel.

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