If a special woman in your life is about to have a birthday, your anniversary is coming up, or you are already doing your Christmas shopping, you have come to the right place to come up with a great present for her that she will never forget. Very often, presents are last minute purchases that don’t have much thought put into them apart from the price. They may be very general and not at all specific to the person you are giving the present to. When someone is important to you, you’ll want to use the opportunity of giving a gift to them to show them how much you care about them. Along with a card that has a handwritten, heartfelt message from you inside, consider buying the woman in your life one of these great gifts I will list below.

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  1. A handmade jumper. If knitting is not your thing, Womens Aran Sweaters are just what you need to please your special lady. They are gorgeous jumpers, of extremely high-quality, and knitted using a traditional Irish pattern. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also extremely comfortable making them perfect for this time of the year as the weather gets colder. Treat the woman you’re buying for by getting her an Aran Sweater from Shamrock Gift.
  2. Jewellery. You may think that the woman you’re looking to buy a present for already has a lot of jewellery, but if she’s anything like me, she’ll probably never have enough! It is a very sentimental gift, and extremely romantic. If the gift is for a relative or friend, it is equally a beautiful gift, whether they are earrings, a necklace or bracelet, or a ring. To make it even more personal, you could have the jewellery engraved. You could have engraved possibly with a special date you want to remember that means something to both of you, or with her name on it. If she’s a friend it could say ‘a special friend’, or another heartfelt comment to show her how much she means to you.

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  1. A photo album with photos of sweet memories you share that you know will put a smile on her face or bring a happy tear to her eye. You could even write captions yourself. She’ll definitely appreciate the effort gone into the gift, and it will be something she’ll cherish forever.
  2. Flowers and a self-care hamper. Stress is all too familiar to most women, (and men too I know), and what could be better than a present that helps her relax her senses. Buy some flowers that you know she will appreciate. You could go to a florist and select the individual flowers yourself if you want to be extra fancy. You can give this on its own if you know that the woman you’re giving it to doesn’t care too much about presents. However, if you want something extra, you can buy a basket, with some tissue paper and ribbon, and put some hand creams, roll on essential oil blends, and face masks (the spa kind) to encourage her to take some time out of her busy life and pamper herself.

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