This year, minimalist footwear with geometric designs will be the perfect complement to those neutral and simple looks that are customary to wear in the coveted summer outings. The 90s styles of sneakers, platforms and heeled sandals and strips are back, as well as the shovel type for the relax.

For most women, if not all, having many shoes is one of their greatest pleasures. Variety to choose in each look, whether casual, sporty, executive, gala and many more, is an enjoyment that you will never give up.

Many wait for the end of winter to let their boots rest and replace them with the whole variety of shoes of different styles, in keeping with the freshness and warmth of the spring-summer season.

This is the time when personal style is shown with total splendor, not having to cover everything because of the cold of winter. It is the time of lighter outfits that allow to leave a little more skin, and wear clothes and shoes with a lot of style and beautiful details.

In the footsteps of fashion

And as many women do not want to repeat looks constantly or be out of trend, every year they are aware of what the new seasons bring in terms of shoes, to include them in their shoemakers and have them ready for all those summer outings that all love them.

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The nineties return

Everything seems to indicate that the 2019 trend will be inspired by the leap back to be in the best of the nineties, obviously with nuances of modernity that make them quite appealing to women, for their versatility in different styles.

The SS19 seasonal shoes bring white as a preponderant element. Already this color had shown its intentions to appear in the arena, with presence in some models of booties in the winter, but for spring-summer, it is seen with all prominence, in all types of models.

The sneakers are still present, but only in one outfit for the gym, the trend of including them in look like “street style” and casual.

Platforms are always present in summer, but in 2019, that prominence is reaffirmed more. It is a primordial footwear in warm times and this time they arrive in vibrant colors and with very feminine details.

Another triumphant return of this year, is the high heel with very thin straps, a shoe that has the advantage that stylizes and brings a lot of elegance.

To break the routine

Along with those shoes that are basic, you have to have some models that come out of the routine, that give the looks a few different touches and the SS19 season has a lot to choose from in this regard.

An impossible proposal to put aside, is a pair of espadrilles that this year cause furor. They are light and light, ideal for an outdoor gathering. They are usually made of natural fibers such as jute, which not only serves as a base for espadrilles, but also for platform sandals or with Chinese heels, which are also a trend for this summer.

You should not miss in the closet for those cool summer looks, square heeled sandals, which usually come with thin or medium thickness strips, are ideal for casual parties and meetings with friends. Also for these occasions there are the “slingbacks”, which are closed shoes on the front and with a strap that crosses behind the ankle, they are called semi-open beaded.

Other proposals for this year are the fringed sandals called “fringed”, also known as “naked shoes” for having transparent straps and straps, the “sculptural” heels, that is, with sculpted shapes of silhouettes, and the low-heeled heels Fine known as ” kitten heels”.

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