Hi girls! After much, much talk about spring summer fashion 2019, today we see what are the feminine watches you will love this summer!  After talking about clothes, shoes, bags and fashion colors for this season, today we go to see which are the coolest feminine watches of the season: ready to make you inspire your shopping? Let’s begin!

Feminine watches: What are the most fashionable women’s wrist watches?

In the era of the smartphone it might seem obvious that watches are now accessories to be bound in the bottom of our wardrobe, accessories that are out of date and have lost their usefulness. And if in part this statement is not wrong, given that more and more often we read the time no longer on the chronograph but on the screen of our mobile phone, women’s wristwatches are still an indispensable accessory to complete our look and, why not, make it sometimes more elegant.

Steel women’s watches: The timeless model

And if previously watches were only the prerogative of men, even thinking that it was the only jewel allowed to a man, today instead the watch is a very popular accessory for women. Among the favorites of the female world, in the “Timeless that will never go out of fashion” category, we find at the forefront steel women’s watches: super-resistant, with elegant yet bold and bright lines. Why choose a steel watch? Because it is timeless, resistant to shocks but at the same time light. That’s why the steel watch is always a great investment!

Bracelet watch: Super chic!

Surely, the most feminine watch is the bracelet watch, that is that watch which, due to its shape and structure, resembles a real elegant bracelet. This type of watch is perfect to be worn on the most chic occasions, so where the classic watch is a bit too casual. For example, think of an elegant event in which you wear a cocktail dress: any type of sports watch would be discouraged, but the bracelet watch is the best solution. The coolest bracelet watches are those with precious details, in rose gold or in the classic gold or silver color. Super stylish!

Women’s chronograph: The men’s watch

A women’s watch model with a masculine flavor is the women’s chronograph. The classic model comes with two buttons, three dials and several hands that has the function of measuring different time intervals: many of these in fact are equipped with a chronometer and a tachometer scale, think a little, doctors to measure the heart rate of their patients also used them! This type of watch is certainly one of the most sold in the world and also one of the most loved, especially by watch lovers! For its sporty and determined character, with a masculine touch, it is advisable to wear it in a casual daytime look, for example with a pair of jeans or in elegant looks, like a nice suit, to play between the feminine and masculine moods.

Feminine and elegant watches and Breil’s proposals

If you are looking for elegant and timeless watches, in the Breil ladies watch collection there are definitely interesting models. Among the most fashionable models, the Breil Haze watch is certainly to be mentioned, with a steel case and bracelet and a sugar-paper colored dial made with small crystals on the dial and the Breil Barrel, the vintage-style watch with a rectangular case and steel bracelet. The most modern model with a glam strap is Breil Petit, a soft-touch wristwatch with an oil-colored dial and a precious Milanese steel strap. Very cool! And which watches do you love most? Do you prefer classic, elegant, sporty or modern watches? See you soon!

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