Black gel nails are a very glamorous way to show off a particular manicure and can give a more sophisticated look to the wearer.

Those who love to apply nail polishes that are always different will surely be attracted by one of the trends of the moment which is that of black gel nails. This color that was once seen as too excessive, has now been cleared to the point that it is no longer considered suitable only for rock star souls but also for those who want to show their more sophisticated side.

In fact, if well cared for, black gel nails can make it even chicer and at the same time give a sort of timeless elegance. What matters is to follow the basic rules to make them more beautiful and not the other way around.

How to best wear black gel nails

Whether it is simple nail polish or a black nail reconstruction, this color can give different satisfactions.

To bring it to its best, however, it is essential to follow some important precautions.

In fact, a good black gel nail artworks only on extremely manicured hands and combined with a look that can range from eccentric to extremely sophisticated. In other words, you need to know how to wear them.

This must also be combined with the foresight to give the nails a shape that highlights both the hands and the complexion. All remember that the black gel nail art is particularly successful for those with tapered and long fingers and for people with very light or dark complexions. The effect is in fact a little less convincing on those with olive skin.

Nevertheless, you can always overcome this obstacle and wear the black color in combination with others or make Halloween nails more beautiful.

Black and white gel nails: how to wear them

If you do not want to abuse the black color, you can opt for an interesting variant which is that of black and white nails. You can choose to color them alternately, to create designs that include both colors and even to create geometries based on this interesting contrast.

At the same time, you can choose to use black on all nails except one that will be colored white. There are endless ways to wear these two colors and all of them are worthy of attention.

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