If you have a large family who love meeting up for birthdays, christmas and well like to get together for any reason then you will need space to fit them all.  The average family seems to be growing in size with more and more children being born and people living longer.  So where is everyone going to go?

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If you have looked in your Garage you might just realise that there is an untapped space that would be ideal for family get togethers and actually all it might need is some garage shelving from sites like garage shelving.   The other positive is it will most probably add value to your house. Give it a sand down, a fresh coat of paint on the inside and out, clean it up and add some heating and before you know it you have a room fit for family.

Some families are lucky enough to have a large open plan space downstairs that an extending table and chairs can be put up where everyone sits opposite their partners.  This can be a bit of a squeeze but actually can be quite amusing when you are all pulling a christmas cracker or all having the traditional sunday lunch.

You may of got to the point where your family is so big that you need to look at hiring a space at the local pub or club.  This way you might book entertainment to come along and sing or play music while you dance and just sit and enjoy.  You could have a buffet lunch or a cooked meal bought out to you depending on your likes and dislikes.  The positives here are someone else cleans up the mess, you don’t have to worry about cooking and normally there is a bar for a few drinks to be had.

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So as an evaluation we think having it in your own house is the best choice as its warm, comfy, everyone can help tidy and clean, you will save money as no money is paid out to hire the hall, everyone can bring a drink so money is saved there.  You can spend as long as you want setting up and packing down.  You can also put your own music on for karaoke for entertainment.

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