The past calendar year has been one of the strangest and difficult due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Although the entire globe has been affected in one way or another, whether that be through lose of a family member, being made redundant or any other form of difficulty, some industries have struggled so much that they will be crying out for the end of the pandemic, and below we look at some of these industries.

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The first industry that will be looking forward to re-opening after the pandemic will be the hospitality industry which has been one of the worst affected industry worldwide. Hospitality has been one of the few industries that had had to stay closed during the entire pandemic, so pubs, clubs and restaurants have all been crying out for help from governments through grants to ensure that they are able to survive the pandemic. They will be one of the main industries that will be looking to open their doors are quickly as possible once the vaccination programme is complete.

Another industry that has been struggling during the height of the pandemic is that of the land-based gambling industry, which like the hospitality industry has been shut for the entire pandemic. The government highlighted casinos and bookies as areas of high transmission for the virus and therefore they have been closed ever since and are therefore crying out to be allowed to be re-opened.

However, on the other hand, due to land-based gambling being non-existent, this has ensured that online alternatives have been able to prosper instead, like here, where they are showcasing a review on the Barbados Casino. They are reporting an increase in numbers during this period and so have been able to deliver one of the best online casino experiences for all players, as well as a host of different promotional deals to enhance their chances of winning.

And finally, the last industry that is crying out for the end of the pandemic is that of the travel industry, which has totally bene put on hold by the entire world to combat the spread of the virus. The world has basically kept all planes grounded and put travel bans in place, to stop people from travelling so this has had a direct impact on airlines and their staff, hotels, and other travel necessities.

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