Winter wardrobe attire for men may be more muted in colour, but that doesn’t mean to say it can’t be brimming with style and sophistication. To look on-trend this winter, here are some of the latest must-have accessories that every man should own.

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Winter gloves serve to keep hands warm, but they can be a stylish statement in their own right. The key thing is to choose gloves that suit the occasion, which may mean buying more than one pair. If you need gloves for winter pursuits, choose a pair with waterproof layers and insulation.  While your at home however you could have your column radiators on to keep you warm which is available from selected sites like
For everyday gloves, lambskin or fleece-lined gloves are a worthy choice, but think about getting a pair of dress gloves too, for nights out or formal occasions. According to Good Housekeeping, you should opt for leather with a water-resistant finish and a wool or cashmere lining. Dress gloves should also match the colour of your overcoat or shoes.

Chunky scarf

A chunky scarf in a quality material such as cashmere adds a touch of class to an outfit this winter, while keeping you warm. It combines well with a casual jacket, or teamed with a smart shirt.

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Stylish hat

A hat is designed to keep your head warm, but it must work with the rest of your outfit. An ill-matched hat can ruin a stylish look in seconds. The colour should blend with your outfit, so choose a black hat, if in doubt, but the style must reflect whether you’re aiming for a casual or formal look. A knitted hat or beanie is suited to casual attire, while you can inject a fashionable vibe into a laid-back look with a sheepskin aviator hat. If you want to go more formal, consider a leather and fur diplomat hat.


If you’re hitting the ski slopes this winter, a pair of sunglasses should be on your must-wear list. They’re also useful for sunny, winter days at home. Obviously, protective UV features are a necessity, but choose sunglasses according to what kind of style you want to aim for. Sporty styles of sunglasses with lightweight frames are ideal for active men, but for men looking to create a cool impression on and off the slopes, aviator style frames are still highly fashionable.

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