Although it is cold, that is not a reason to put on a romper and not leave the house. On the contrary, winter is the ideal season to make the best combinations for all the clothes you can wear. In this post, I give you 10 tips to express your style … even in the cold!

1. Warm inside:

If you have thick tights and legwarmers in black and skin tones, you will not be cold. These garments serve as insulators from the cold and due to the thinness of the material you can wear whatever you want on top. Remember to buy not just one pair, but five or more as they are like underwear.

2. Dress up like an onion – in layers!

No matter how cold it is from dawn to dusk, don’t just wear a super warm sweater and nothing else, or just a huge jacket on top of a thin T-shirt. On the contrary, dress in layers so you can have many more combination options. In addition, you will be prepared for unexpected weather changes by taking off what you are wearing excessively, tying a sweater around your waist, hanging a sweater around your neck, and so on …

3. Let your boots steal the show

This is the time to wear those knee-high or over-the-knee boots, those red, white, or print ankle boots that you like so much. Show them off by pairing them with a short dress, a skirt, a total black look, and even loose shorts with pantyhose. This is the time to make them shine!

4. Get stylish with a faux fur coat:

Nothing cooler in winter than wearing a fur coat. This can be long-haired, with pompom-style balls, or stuffed animals. Any texture, as long as it’s fake, will look amazing. You can combine it with ripped jeans and it will look even cooler.

5. And if not, with an extra-large bag :

If you are not one of those who would wear a JLo-style fur coat, you can opt for an oversized blazer or oversized jacket that is the must of the season when it comes to jackets. If you add a strap at the waist or a fanny pack, you will be ready for the photo!

6. Put color in your accessories:

Who says winter colors have to be dark? We usually tend to use blacks, grays, blues, or wine reds in winter, leaving aside the more striking colors for the summer; however, a trick not to forget these colorful tones is to use them in accessories. This way you will look sober and not so overloaded, but with a fresh and fashionista touch. You can opt for a bennie (knitted hat), a baker boy hat that has become very fashionable (see examples here), colored scarves or pashminas, or gloves to keep your hands warm.

7. Don’t run to the skirt! Give it a new style:

Instead of the typical blouse, combine that cute skirt with a very warm or light sweater, but with a heater underneath, so you will no longer be cold. If you are short, I recommend wearing a light sweater with a t-shirt underneath so you don’t see yourself so overloaded with textures. If you have more centimeters you can play more with heavy knitted garments, for example, and thick textures.

8. Hat with everything and at all hours:

This garment is chic, practical, and necessary. There are all types and colors. The best thing is that they are inexpensive and you can even make them yourself.

9. Silk is not only for summer

Silk is an extremely warm material, and since it is very thin it is easy to wear it under winter clothing.

10. Pens never fail:

And I’m not talking about putting some feathers on your head, but about a feather coat that you can find in many department stores. Make sure it is of good quality, not too thick because you are not going to climb Everest, nor so thin that it seems like a joke. Choose a color that goes with everything, because literally, you will wear it more than a school uniform.

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