The sheath dress is a timeless look that will flatter your body. The styles for wearing this type of dress vary widely from one occasion to another. Whether you are looking for a sexy dress or a more official look, knowing how to wear it in different ways can give you a fashion edge. Let’s look at some ways you can do this.

Treat it like a base

As for wearing sheath dresses, this is a very versatile look and you can dress it up or down depending on what look you are going for and still look classy.

Play accessories

The style of a simple sheath dress depends on the accessories. When looking for a corporate look, pair it with simple accessories and a simple tote bag. For a night out at the club with friends, you can pull off your stilettos and flashy jewelry.

Choose a print

Accessories can play an important role in the styles of this dress. However, you may want the dress to make a statement on its own without adding any accessories. This is very easy. You can give the elegant dress a twist by choosing a pattern. Something botanical or geometric will work well.

Layer above or below

To transform your sheath dress look, you can try adding some extra layers. In summer, a sleeveless dress looks great. That doesn’t mean you should throw it away in the fall though, you can slip into a cardigan or wear a turtleneck underneath for a different feel. This will help keep you looking trendy in seasons when most people are looking for more warmth than fashion. It will lift you higher out of the pack with a stylish look in all seasons.

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Change the silhouette

It can sometimes feel too simple with the sheath dress’s simple trunk design. You can make it a little more flattering by adding things like a slim belt or a fancy jacket to break up the monotony and better show off your figure.

Flattering fabrics

With sheath dress styles, the fabric is an important factor to consider. To highlight your figure or shape, look for fabrics that stick to you. However, heavy fabrics can give you a boxy look. The safest bets are medium-weight fabrics, as they give it some space and maintain its structure.

Change shoes

Shoes can make a big difference to your look. Since sheath dresses are a bit simple, people tend to dress them in sandals or pants. However, you can liven things up and try them on with ankle boots or strap sandals.

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