You may have noticed the trend and have a strong desire to bet on print mix, but you still think it’s a bit bold. For others, it was already a recurring thing, even when it wasn’t even in vogue. It is a fact that mixing prints in the same look is a theme that impacts the different styles in many ways. However, how can you find your identity?

Personalities and the use of print mix

Who has the predominant creative style there may have the prior practice of mixing prints since childhood. This makes it so natural and easy without even having to think too much. And it looks amazing!

People that are more modern have adopted the pattern mix a few seasons ago, in a thoughtful and cautious manner. They are individuals who measure risks, analyze the environment and make safe combinations.

On the other hand, people with traditional style are far from the trend. They may find it beautiful, but for them not even think. And that’s fine, we’re free to use what is good for us.

Trendy democracy and respect for individuality are important values that we need to cultivate. It’s not because the print mix is fashionable, which you must use to fit it. Like if you like and have always liked a piece or combination, even if tomorrow is not a trend, you will continue to use it. The best is what makes you happy: it suits your profession, relationships and even what to wear.

5 tips for using print mix

Now, if you’re crazy about throwing yourself and daring to use and abusing this trend, but need a little push to feel safer and fuller, your place is right here:

1) For a cleaner and more assertive look, it is good to start by matching the colors between the prints and keeping the designs different;

2) When we dare in different colors, we can respect the shades to soften the effect and not draw so much attention;

3) Still, it is recommended that one of the prints of the look have more visual weight, and the other be more discreet;

4) Another way is to use the same design in different sizes. For example, small poas and large poas. Or, stripes + stripes;

5) Not using very different materials and fabrics, dosing on accessories, and cleaner cuts help to highlight in the look just the mix of prints.

Now, if you have gone through all these steps, and want more tips, these guidelines can and should be broken. And you should dare as far as your courage allows, if you look in the mirror and feel good. After all, dressing should be an act of self-love, lightness, and freedom, not a way to imprison our wills and emotions.

Have common sense, respect yourself and play.

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