The inexorable passage of time makes our home age. Sooner or later we have to implement a series of reforms that should not only serve to change the old for something new, but we should also be able to go one step further to catch up, to get into the car of new trends.

One of the rooms that is most likely to be outdated is the bathroom, since the colors, materials and designs that were used to do not have much to do with those carried today. Hence, it is good to take note of a series of ideas and tips like the ones I share below, because thanks to that it will not cost you so much to really modernize the bathroom.

White and gray combination

modernize the bathroom

You can choose the color you like best, more would be missing. However, if what you want is to succeed with a combination that never seems to go out of style, I recommend that you let yourself be conquered by white and gray. They get along very well and each one brings their own. White is a very clean color that serves to create a sense of spaciousness that no other color is capable of generating. Gray, meanwhile, is sober and elegant.

Exempt bathtub

modernize the bathroom

It is true that exempt bathtubs have their disadvantages, such as the space needed to install them and the installation itself, which must be done with great care so as not to jeopardize the health of the parts that are visible. In addition, they are expensive and are not the most efficient in the world.

The positive part has to do with the design, which is usually spectacular. They are much better than those that are embedded or are work and there are all styles. Do not think that you will only find them with vintage airs because they also sell them with pure lines designed for the latest bathrooms. Of course, in the market there is not an excessively extensive variety because they are not by far the most demanded.

Smooth lines and geometric shapes

modernize the bathroom

Lines and shapes have a lot to say in the bathroom. As with any other room in the home, they make our perception of space and design change completely. What is ideal for the result to be modern? That the lines are simple and that neutral colors predominate. The “less is more” should also be applied to the bathroom, where geometric shapes, seen especially on floor tiles and walls, also have a place.


modernize the bathroom

The microcement is a material that has become popular because it is easy to install and clean, as well as being very resistant. We see it more and more on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling of the bathroom, something that is not surprising at all considering that it is versatile, adherent, attractive, resistant to moisture and economical. And not only that, but during its installation you forget the dust that would be generated when the tiles were knocked down.

Full lighting

modernize the bathroom

A poorly lit bathroom does not look like a modern bathroom. Quite the opposite. Everything has to be perfectly lit, for which I recommend you go a little beyond the main bathroom light, which is usually a lamp hanging on the ceiling. Think about placing LED lighting in the mirror and in the drawers, and do not rule out the possibility of any floor lamp. It is not the most common, but if it meets the sealing requirements and meets the safety standards there is no problem.

Respect for the environment

modernize the bathroom

Our mentality is changing. Climate change is a very serious threat and it seems that governments are starting to move to combat it. We, from home, can also contribute our grain of sand. How? With actions that go beyond recycling. For example, installing ecological solutions in the bathroom, which mainly affect the faucet and the toilet. Today there are technologies that help us save water. The systems of double discharge or interrupted discharge are ideal to reduce the consumption of water in the toilets, while the aerators and the perlizadores help us not to waste water when opening the taps, since both limit the exit of the water, and the seconds also add air to the flow rate.

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