New Year’s Eve is approaching and at MAC, they wanted to celebrate these dates paying homage to the king of colors, red. Because of its great versatility and infinite symbology and because it has been number one for decades in the world of makeup.

As you know, in MAC, they are taking ephemeral collections, limited collections … and there is always a red one. Red helps express our mood, reflects who we are. Red is the symbol of life, the color of love, of feeling, of sensuality … it is strength, power, fire … it is the color of any type of emotion or attitude that we can transmit through makeup, achieving any effect by combining it with the technique, color and application area.

Red is also present in the world of fashion, Paris, London, New York, Milan … red is a color that always works and that suits all women.

Maite Tuset, (official MAC makeup artist), who is an artist in the world of makeup, taught us all about this color. Therefore, today I want to talk about the color red, its textures, finishes … so that you know a little about the different techniques of applying red lipsticks and how they can be transferred even to areas that we are not used to.

As I said at the beginning in MAC, they want to celebrate these holidays with their most iconic reds Ruby Woo, Russiand Red and Diva.

Ruby Woo is one of the bestselling colors, its texture is retro matte, it has a super matte finish and the color is quite powerful, very vibrant. Russiand Red is not that matte, it is creamier and Diva is a darker shade of eggplant. There is a red for all.

Mac lipsticks: How many textures are there?

Within the red of lips, we have infinite textures. We can even mix them together, to get another finish.

  • Retromatte: it is a texture that has a very high pigment concentration; therefore, it is drier and more matt. When working it is best applied directly with the lipstick.
  • Retromatte liquid: They are liquid and the finish is matte. Once it dries, it stays fixed.
  • Liptensity: it is a creamy lipstick, therefore, it is not long lasting, because you already know that everything that is waxy moves, but if it has a very high concentration of pigments, which is what makes the color stand a lot on the lip.
  • Mate: it is a texture that is not as dry as the retromatte.
  • Frost: is a texture with bright particles.
  • Satin: it is a matte finish, which, although it cannot be said to be luminous, does have a finish that reflects the light.
  • Cremesheen: they are super creamy lipsticks.
  • Powder Kiss: it is the last of the textures and is powdery, matte and very creamy. It is the mate reinvented.
  • Metallic: within the liquid retromatte, they are those that have bright particles, as if it were glitter.
  • Glossy: they are glossy textures and have a three-dimensional effect. It is the texture that less endures.

Mac Lipsticks: Finishes

As for the finishes, as you can see in the image below, within the finishes of the MAC lipsticks, we have Glossy finishes, more matte finishes, creamier … you can mix textures to get different finishes.

If you mix a retro matte texture, you will perfectly fix the color, but if you give it a texture.

Mac Lipsticks: Color

Within the colors, we have them cold and warm. Choosing one of them does not depend on whether you are redhead, brunette, or blonde with blue eyes and whiter skin. There are no marked guidelines here, you have to choose what makes you feel comfortable, with which you feel good. Depending also on the style you wear, you will find yourself better with a cold tone or a warm tone.

Speaking in very general terms, it is true that, white skins, cold tones are better and warm ones are more brown. But cold or warm, we can all look good, and we must choose what we want at all times. If you look at the image, it doesn’t matter how you are.

Mac Lipsticks: Techniques and Trends

As for the makeup techniques of the lips, they are also infinite, especially when in networks; we see different techniques every day.

  • Gradient Lips: it is a combination of colors that goes from the darkest to the lightest.
  • Smoked or blurred lips on the contours.
  • Out of Shape Lips: lips that come out of the natural shape of the lips.
  • Red eyes: this is what I was talking about before, about the tendency of the use of red in other areas, such as making a smoked red or an eyeliner with the retromatte lipstick.

Also with a red lipstick, if we apply it on the cheek area we can get a fresh and tanned effect.


To give you an idea of the red bars that are in MAC, here you have a selection, which are not all there are.


  • BraveRed (Cold)
  • SweetSakura (Warm)


  • MAC Red (Cold)


  • Diva
  • Red Rock (warm) / Diva (cold)
  • RussianRed (cold)
  • Lady Danger (Warm)

Retro matte:

  • Ruby Woo (Cold)
  • AllFireddUP (Cold, Raspberry)
  • Viva GlamI (Warm) / Viva GlamIII (cold)

Retro matte liquid:

  • Dance withme (Cold)
  • FashionLegacy (Warm)
  • Remove theStandout (Warm)
  • Carnivorous (cold)
  • Feelso Grand (Cold)

Retro matte metallic:

  • LoveWeapon (cold)
  • Crowned (Warm)

Powder kiss:

  • Shocking Reveale (Warm)

Remember that, to get perfect lips, you have to remove any dry skin with Lip Scrubtious, a MAC scrub that I recommend.

Then condition them with Prep + Prime Lip.

And if you want to achieve a greater intensity of color, outline and fill the lips with Lip Pencil Ruby Woo.

Now you just have to apply the lipstick, for example, Ruby Woo Lipstick, and if you prefer more glossy lips, apply Dazzleglass in Steppin Out. You will get perfect red lips.

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