The magic of the Norwegian Sea offers flashes of beauty and beaches ideal for surfing, a landscape designed by majestic mountains, deep fjords, and animated by birds of different species. Here are the Lofoten Islands, a treasure chest full of treasures, an environmentally friendly sustainable destination that will give you charm and relaxation, about 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. You will be immersed in a story that will take you back to the era of the Vikings, but at the same time, you will never be stopped. You can go rafting, organize wonderful walksin the middle of nature or visit museums.

To reach one of the five islands you will first need to get to Oslo and then reach Bodo or Evenes. You can arrive at one of the locations of the Lofoten Islands, by ship, train, or plane. However, it is worthwhile that between late May and mid-July you can enjoy the midnight sun while the Northern Lights will appear from September to mid-April.

An enchanted place between fjords and ancient Vikings discover the breathtaking charm of the Lofoten Islands and its breathtaking landscapes with a Costa cruise!

Lofotr Viking Museum

Our journey begins in Borg on the island of Vestvagoya to visit a Viking museum that recreates the largest house dating back to that time ever found. The imposing 83-meter (272-foot) structure was rebuilt in life-size, just off the mansion’s original site. You will experience a thousand-year journey in a real “living museum”. The Lofotr Viking Museum is based on the reconstruction and excavation of a Viking village. You will also participate in a traditional festival, where you will be immersed in a festive atmosphere full of songs, and dances and you can try a meal with typical products. There will be activities to be experienced to relive those mythical times.

In the summer you will have the opportunity to row a Viking ship , shoot with a bow and arrow and participate in other recreational activities . A fun and interactive experience for all ages. There is also a space dedicated to art. Archaeological exhibits are organized near the property, with information and panels on Borg’s history , as well as a film about the town entitled “Borg’s Dream”.

Every August, Borg hosts a five -day Viking festival with more than 100 Vikings arriving from all over Norway. A real show that hosts a market, live shows, games, competitions, conferences, theater performances, concerts, and more. The festival is particularly popular with families and is very popular with visitors and locals alike .

Marine Village of Reine

It is a picturesque fishing village , located southwest of the city of Moskens , above the Arctic Circle. An isolated place, full of charm and magic that over time has been able to make tourists fall in love with it. It was once one of the most important ports for the cod trade . Today it has about 300 inhabitants, but it is increasingly visited and offers more and more services. Its landscapes , starting with the majestic slopes steeped in light and mystery, offer moments of pure beauty . You will stay in the Rorbu, traditional red fishermen’s houseswhich have been adapted and transformed into apartments for tourists.

Nature will be the only protagonist . The charm of a snow storm or a sunset , but also the beach with an indescribable scenery. Bunes is a spectacular cove narrow between two 70-meter -high rock pillars . Whether you want to enjoy the silence, do water sports or wait for the midnight sun, the charm is served. The village is located at the foot of the Reinebringen mountain , an ideal place for trekking or organizing excursions. Even art will have its space since the Reine Culture Center is present in Reine.

It is one of the experiences to do absolutely, to go to the discovery of the sea eagles, one of the symbols of the Islands. To do this, “ad hoc” boat trips are organized , generally departing from Svolvar . You will be dressed in thermal suits and you will go towards an unforgettable experience . The cold will leave room for the contemplation of infinite spaces , of trajectory games and suggestions of lights. You will be able to admire the silent beauty of the fjords and you may have to be patient.

Cameras will be on hold, as will cell phones. Sometimes for hours the only noise you will hear will be that of the lapping of the waters . And the fresh fish thrown by the guide will not be enough to move the situation. Then suddenly you will see a sea eagle rise from the fjord, sinuous and delicate in its flight that looks like a dance.

Trekking to the Lofoten Islands

Trekking to the Lofoten Islands is a must. Such a landscape, rich in nature, peaks, overhangs and slopes that offer wonderful corners, can only be experienced. There are dozens and dozens of suggested routes . The start could be Hagskaret, a town about 4 kilometers from Leknes. After two hours you will arrive on the top of a small mountain at about 700 meters high overlooking the sea.

You can then make small stages of what is considered the tourist route of the Lofoten : a route in 11 parts of 230 kilometers , which starts from Raftsundet, in mainland Norway. Finally, there is the trekking that connects two of the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago : Uttakleiv – Haukland . It is a journey of about 4 kilometers, which winds on the path around Mount Veggen along the coast.

Lofoten Aquarium

You will not find yourself in front of an aquarium only. But a real space where you can learn about the specificities of fish farming, an industry capable of being sustainable and modern. The Lofoten Aquarium will allow you to go on a journey to discover the typical Lofoten cod , better known as “skrei”. For centuries it has been the hub of fishing in the islands. Each year it emigrates from the Barents Sea to lay its eggs. The fantastic underwater world of the Norwegian Sea offers numerous species of marine animals, crustaceans and fish.

One of the favorite moments for the children will be the distribution of lunch to the seals and otters in the outdoor pool. The property also organizes photo exhibitions , film screenings and also houses a gift shop and cafe . The aquarium is also a center of excellence for Norwegian aquaculture : you can admire small fish cages. And take a trip to a local company that operates a fish farm in the sea.

Lofoten fishing museum

One way to find out how Norwegian fishermen lived , perhaps by visiting their huts. And discovering the boats they have used over time: this is the proposal conceived by the Lofoten Fishing Museum . We are located in the village of Å, in the municipality of Moskenes . The itinerary also includes an exhibition of the tools and instruments used in the processing of cod. And its transformation into stockfish with drying. The cultural offer is also enriched by a film on the history of fishing in Norway and the various processes in fish processing. The environment is small, but very nice and familiar.

Taste the stockfish

Stockfish is the protagonist of daily life in Lofoten , and not only because it is the main exported product. But also because of its historical importance and culinary traditions. And it is no coincidence that the Lofoten have dedicated a museum to him.  There is no shortage of tours that offer tastings. And also boat trips that include the possibility of fishing for cod. In Norway every single part is sold: cod and stockfish will be made of the body. The eggs and the liver are sold separately, while the heads, are stripped. And deprived of tongue and cheeks are dried and exported to Nigeria, where they are used to flavor foods. Cod from the Lofoten Islands is one of the best in the world. Also thanks to the balanced temperature that allows it to be dried without rotting or freezing. The fish even becomes an integral part of the landscape as it is placed to dry on other pylons behind the fishermen’s houses.

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