As winter approaches, many of us are making sure that we turn our attentions to doing those jobs around the house and in the garden that will help us to see the winter through – from making sure that our central heating is in good working order, to making repairs to outdoor structures like sheds and fences in the hopes that we will be able to weather the winter storms without suffering any damage!

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Something that it is important to pay attention to in the winter is the drains. They are often overlooked but can be hugely problematic when things go wrong with them – causing flooding and unsanitary conditions to name just two things. Winter can be particularly hard on drains too, as the rainfall and also the snowfall adds more water to the ground and places a higher demand on drainage systems, as well as the fact that drains can become blocked more easily. Look at these common drainage problems before winter sets in, and if you think that you may have a problem with your drains, it is a good idea to get an expert like Wilkinson Environmental CCTV Drainage Surveys to come in and have a look for you before the weather declines…

Putting things in the Drains That Shouldn’t Be there – This is a huge reason for drains being blocked. Fat and oil going down the drains leads to the formation of things called fatbergs, which are found deep in the sewers and are incredibly time consuming and difficult to get rid of. Of course, this might not make it all the way to the sewer and instead block the drains in your home. As well as oils and fats, other common things that cause blocked drains are nappies, wipes, dental floss and condoms to name but a few. Really the only thing going in the toilet should be toilet paper (as well as the obvious of course!)

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Tree Roots and Leaves   – It is important to keep an eye on surrounding trees as they can have a big impact on the house. The leaves that fall in the autumn are a top contributor to blocked gutters and drains, and the roots are also a source of drainage woes. Trees will look for moisture in the ground so will be attracted by drains which of course are very damp places! Listen out for a gurgling sound in sewers as this is often a sign of an invading tree root!

Poor Quality or Old Pipes – This is particularly something to look out for in an older property, as the pipes may have eroded or become damaged over the years, it is a lot less likely to be a problem on a more modern building. Freezing winter temperatures and bad weather over many years can cause pipes to fracture or start to disintegrate, and the older materials used in these pipes may not be as able to withstand this as more modern piping materials.

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