It is easy to give your room a new look and feel by changing your curtains. The cost of buying new curtains every time you want to change the look can quickly add up. Why not make them yourself? You can completely transform a space without spending any money. You can create many beautiful designs using items you already own or great fabric. This is still cheaper than purchasing new curtains. You can create your own window treatments using these simple ideas.

Pom Pom Curtains

The DIY pom-pom curtains you make will look as if they were purchased from a luxury department store. If you do not want to re-do the old curtains, then you will have to buy some pom poms as well as some new fabric. Sew the pom-poms on and you have some fun and unique curtains. Of course, for a more polished look, consider buying Curtains Gloucester from a site like

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Tea Towel Curtains

You can create your own tea towel curtains if you have an abundance of tea towels. This is a very easy DIY curtain to make and it’s totally original. No sewing is required, as you only need to attach hooks to the tea towels to hang them. This is a great way to brighten your kitchen.

DIY Stenciled Curtains

These stunning drapes can be made with some plain white curtain panels. Fabric paint, stencils and a little imagination will do the trick. These drapes are easy to make and you can use any stencil. Paint rollers can be used to apply the paint. They take only a few seconds each.

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Cut Out Roller Blind

You can create a beautiful window treatment by adding your own design to an inexpensive roller blind. You can either use stencils, or draw your design freehand. After you have traced your design, you can use a craft blade to cut it out. It’s a good idea for kitchens and bathrooms, or you can let your kids pick a design and use it to decorate their rooms.

Lace covered window screens

This lace effect is perfect for creating a boudoir-style affair. You can easily create an elegant and beautiful look in any room of your house by covering the windows with old lace curtains, and then securing them with fabric glue. You can use any lace fabric or tablecloths if you do not have an old lace curtain. Combining lace curtains will give you a Victorian look.

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