After you have purchased a mobile phone from a Vodafone Longford store such as King Communications you will want to make sure that it is looked after and in full working order for as long as possible, and at least as long as the contract is for. There are lots of ways that mobile phones can become damaged, but with most phones now being touchscreen based, any problems that occur with the screen can render the phone useless.

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Here are some ways damage can occur to your mobile phone screen.

Cracks – if your phone is dropped or knocked and you do not have a phone case or screen protector in place to help look after the screen you can find that crack scan appears. These can be anything from small cracks through to those that cause the entire screen to be damaged. In some cases these cracks can be repaired or a replacement screen can be put in place.

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Water – water is dangerous for any phone as it can affect many of the electronic elements inside. Water can cause the screen to malfunction in a number of ways and this occurs when water gets lodged underneath the screen. In some cases you may find a milky white area on the screen and in other instances the screen may be unable to function at all.

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