It is no secret that we are a nation of dog lovers, but one woman has taken her canine compulsion to the next level by reportedly spending £60,000 on her 12 pet dogs and even holding a lavish wedding for them!

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Waggy weddings

Emmie Stevens, 27,  admits to spending tens of thousands of pounds on everything from walk-in wardrobes to pooch pampering treatments. Recently she took her a hobby a step further by holding a wedding for her Staffordshire bull terrier Bailey and shih tzu Coco, who she says fell in love at first sight. Both dogs were dressed accordingly in bridalwear and even had a first dance, buffet and wedding cake at the reception that followed. She had so many people and dogs attending she had to book several forms of transport for everyone including a Dorset Coach Hire company who could get them to the event on time.  She probably found them on sites including where you can see different sized coaches suited to your needs.
A troubled past

While Emmie’s obsession with her pets might seem eccentric, her dogs gave her comfort and companionship following the trauma of being bullied as a teenager. Her first pet, Doodles, was the first of 12 rescue dogs to be adopted by Emmie. Now Doodles, Purdy, Muffin, Sparkle, Bambi, Dolly, Pixie, Bailey, Cabbie, Minnie, Pomie and Coco all live in the lap of luxury.

Pampering and posing

Apart from throwing parties for her pets, Emmie also enters them in dog shows. A self-employed dog groomer, she insists that her pups love being pampered with painted paws and diamante collars. She even has a paw print tattoo on her wedding finger to signify the deep bond she shares with her canine companions, who she claims are more loyal than men.

Spas and suites

Emmie is not the only one to treat her dogs like royalty. From dog grooming to pet gyms in Wales, we are a nation dedicated to keeping our pets healthy and happy.

According to Statista, 40% of UK households have a pet – 24% of which are dogs.

In the US, a wide range of luxurious dog hotel chains exist to cater to even the most pampered of pooches. In the Pooch Hotel in Sunnyvale, California you can expect to see dogs relaxing in five-star suites, enjoying massages and being transported by limo!

It may be lost on some but while other people choose to spend their money on their children, their hobbies or their shopping habits, Emmie spends hers on her furry family.

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