Recently, Victoria in Australia included a proposal in its state budget to install CCTV cameras in the homes of women who were at risk of domestic violence, but many are questioning whether this type of input will help reduce violence against women.

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It’s a sad reality that violence against women is at an all-time high This type of violence takes place at home, so it’s harder to monitor and even more difficult to prove. The idea of implementing CCTV cameras in the homes of women at risk has been met with varying reactions, but many are wondering if this is the answer.

Privacy Problems

One of the biggest issues facing this solution is the lack of privacy. A CCTV camera, or even a body worn camera, tracks a person’s every move and reveals intimate details about their lives. For women who are at risk, this invasion of privacy may be one step too far.

Cameras may also save their lives, and have been known to be a great deterrent. After all, when people know they are being filmed, they tend to behave themselves. CCTV or body cams also provide much-needed evidence, so even though they may be invading a women’s privacy, they are keeping her safe.

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A Reliance on Technology

Many people have raised concerns that we are entering a Big Brother state and that our reliance on technology is too great. For abused woman, CCTV footage may deter their abusers for a while, but in time, it may not be enough to halt the problem. Abusers may find other ways to harm their victims, and cameras cannot always be everywhere.

Nevertheless, some women have allowed the installation of CCTV cameras in their homes and garages and have said that they feel far safer now that they know there is footage and evidence of any incidents that occur.  The next thing to do is get your Garage Door Repair done through websites such as Rolling out CCTV cameras to all the homes of abused women doesn’t seem feasible, however. In reality, only those who are in dire situations may be able to have this type of technology installed.

Although CCTV cameras may be a deterrent or work for a short time, they are definitely not a long-term solution to a problem that is multi-faceted and ever-growing. Nevertheless, they offer some security and should not be discounted.

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