For some women their twenties is a time in which they start to become more confident in themselves and their bodies. The drive to experience as much as possible is its strongest in a person’s twenties. This may mean travelling to as many countries as possible or visiting particular sites, wanting to see as many concerts or festivals as they can. Along with this drive to experience new things and the new found confidence in their bodies, some women find that they experience some health issues that they have not encountered before.

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  • Urinary tract Infections

These types of infections are incredibly common and can occur for a number of reasons such as not emptying your bladder when you feel you need to go, wearing tights and tight trousers as well as favouring thongs as an underwear choice. They can also be as a result of sexual practices. It is important that if you think you may have a sexually transmitted infection that is causing other symptoms that you consult with your GP or arrange for a Home StI Kits London company such as bexley sexual health to send you a kit to complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Some UTI’s may need to be treated with antibiotics. If you are in a lot of discomfort or have blood in your urine you should visit a GP.

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  • Thrush

This is another unpleasant but treatable infect which can occur for many of the same reasons as cause a UTI – sexual activity, tight clothing as well as taking some antibiotics and using perfumed femine hygiene products. Thrush is uncomfortable and causes vaginal itching and a discharge to be produced. A simple course of a topical cream and either a pessary or tablet that can be inserted into your vagina to clear out the yeast infection is the best treatment options. If you find that you have recurring thrush infections you may want to visit your doctor to see if there is an underlying reason for this.

These are the two main health issues that seem to arise in your twenties and are usually as a result of the new found freedom that many of them experience in their own bodies and the clothing choices that are made. Neither of these are serious conditions, they are more annoying than anything else. But a quick visit to the doctor or your pharmacist if you have experienced the symptoms before will see you symptom free in no time at all.

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