Whether you are a wedding photographer in Hampshire or a wedding florist in Derbyshire, there are two words that can strike fear into the heart: themed wedding. But those in the wedding industry need not be afraid, because the themed nuptials of today have moved on. No longer tacky affairs that are destined to be regretted in years to come, themed weddings are classier than ever – especially those inspired by great works of literature.

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Party Like Gatsby in the 1920s

With the recent movie adaptation reigniting interest in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous work, weddings inspired by the golden age of jazz are surging in popularity.

The opulence of the Gatsby age can be achieved by focusing on using gold, beige and black as a colour scheme throughout that will hark back to the glamour of the 1920s. Brides may choose to go full-on flapper in terms of dress style, whilst the men of the wedding party may be tempted to wear a light-coloured suit rather than the traditional black garb of the groom and groomsmen. Kick the reception off with some sophisticated cocktails, and the Gatsby wedding will be in full swing. Gatsby loved to show off with art so a Horse Sculpture would be a nice touch and a Horse sculpture from Gill Parker might be the answer.

Become an Austen Heroine

Although the lady herself famously never married, the heroines of Jane Austen’s books always got their happy ending.

Capturing the essential Englishness of the Regency period in which Austen wrote is easily done. For example, the empire-line dresses sported by ladies of the time are an incredibly flattering choice for women of all ages. Opting for an Austenesque venue is another way to capture the theme perfectly, and its great fun recreating the Regency period as recorded in the renowned writer’s books.

(Wedding) Licence to Thrill

There are very few books as glamorous as Ian Fleming’s James Bond series, and although the hero had little luck in the marriage department, happy couples should not be put off choosing him as inspiration for their wedding theme. With the Aston Martin brand going from strength to strength, what better way to make an entrance fit for the silver screen than in a classic DB5 just like Bond’s?

So caterers, photographers and venue owners can relax: the themed wedding can be just as classy, sophisticated and elegant as any other nuptials.

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