There have been multiple times in our lives, especially during the past year because of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, where we have found ourselves stuck at home with nothing to do. These times have been very boring with limited things to do as we stay at home to combat the spread of the virus, but we’ve created a list of things you can do at home stay entertained.

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One of the trends that we have seen to be very popular during the past calendar year of the pandemic has been to decorate or even renovate your house. Embarking on a project that you’ve wanted to do around the house for some time then now is the perfect time to stay this. This could be as simple as painting the walls, purchasing some new furniture or even just adding some accessories to a certain room can change the whole aesthetic rather easily – a great way to stay entertained at home and also make you feel better about your living space.

Another theme that we have noticed that has become increasingly popular during the past year has been to meditate. Meditating is something that we believe everyone should have in their daily routine. Research has shown that meditation once a day can calm the mind, clear our negative thoughts and promote better quality sleep. Many think that meditating can be time consuming so is a great thing to do at home when you are bored but can easily be completed in the morning within 10 minutes so there isn’t an excuse to not be meditating.

Online entertainment will always be one of the goes to ways of entertaining yourself at home as it’s possibly the easiest and most relaxing. Online streaming services like Amazon Prime Video has a library of different tv shows and films for consumers to choose from to sit and indulge in.

Furthermore, other online entertainment that has been increasingly popular way to entertain yourself during the pandemic has been online gambling at these betting sites. Due to Highstreet bookies being shut as they have been highlighted as an area of high risk for infection, punters have been using online alternative to ensure that they can still bet on their favourite live sporting events. The best thing about these sites is that they guarantee that your gambling fun will never be limited by gamstop so your gambling fun can be endless on their various markets including football, rugby, cricket and many more.

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