Most of us have had to make huge changes to our day to day to over the past year throughout the pandemic and lockdown period, and as we move through the new year one thing that has become clear is that many of these lifestyle changes will likely stick around for the year, but also in a more permanent fashion too – whilst some of these changes may be more impactful than others, any change will require some adjustment. But what are the biggest changes to be expected, and what are the best ways to deal with these changes?

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A shift for remote work – The most impactful for many will likely be the more permanent lifestyle change to working remotely – some will certainly embrace the change where as others may be a little more resistant, but there are ways to make this transition much easier – setting up a new home office for comfort and all of the flexibility certainly help, but with the rise of independent location business and those moving around to exotic locations whilst working, remote working doesn’t seem all that bad. Some may eventually go back, but it seems those who have made the change in the medium term may have to remain in remote work for the longer term too.

Entertainment moving online – Many forms of entertainment have been online for a number of years now anyway with some of the biggest in the likes of gaming being well represented on platforms such as mobile, with unique services for specific genres such as non-gamstop online casinos here for example, much of this change is already familiar, but there are some other important shifts too. The biggest may be the lack of theatrical releases for the box office as some studios have suggested a more permanent move to video-on-demand, where success may lead to a more permanent shift for others too.

More utility from online services – Food delivery and product delivery have become a key part of this past year with Amazon Prime and Uber Eats becoming a staple for many – but many other online services have been improving through the likes of grocery delivery as these platforms from big stores continue to innovate new solutions. Whilst many will be excited for the opportunity to return to brick-and-mortar locations, there will be just as many looking to capitalize on the growing utility from online services and take more advantage of everything that has bene on offer.

This next year will reveal yet more lifestyle changes too as many become more permanent, as well as also showing those lifestyle changes that will return to normal quickly enough – it is an exciting time to explore where unique successes can be found though, and create a unique space for some to operate in.

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