Having had personal experience of working full time in a Special Educational School, I can attest as to how rewarding but stressful and difficult a career that can be.  Never knowing what was going to trigger an episode of Challenging Behaviour and what methods to try to defuse a potentially dangerous situation.  Luckily, I took part in accredited, quality, professional Challenging behaviour training from a specialist company such as https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/learning-disability-training/challenging-behaviour-training-breakaway-techniques.  They taught me and the rest of the staff in the classroom and school how to stay calm, diffuse anxieties in the children, and how to use the right techniques and strategies.

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The teaching behind these Specialist techniques like the Team Teach approach, use the six stages of Crisis, 1) Warning, 2) Risk Assessment, 3) Response, 4) Management, 5) Resolution, and 6) Recovery.  This philosophy shows staff how to create a positive attitude in the classroom, use simple communication strategies and de-escalation procedures and as a last resort how to safely and without harm remove a child experiencing a Challenging Behavioural episode from the classroom.

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Using fully accredited training procedures gives staff the practical and mental abilities to handle most situations they experience working with children who have Challenging behaviours on a daily basis.  The training improves self-confidence and helps promote Teamwork within a classroom environment. You learn not to take Challenging Behaviour personally; you are taught how to communicate instructions simply and firmly giving the child or young person the ability to make their own good decisions.

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