A dazzling, bright chandelier can bring a touch of class to any room, enhancing the atmosphere and mood. However, get it wrong and choose one that’s too big, you can end up overpowering a room. On the opposite end of the scale, choose one that’s too small and it does nothing for the room and can lessen the value of a space. Following a couple of tips from interior designers, you can choose exactly the right size and increase the ‘wow’ factor and impact of your light fixture. The size of a room will always impact which chandelier is best suited but so will the type of space. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Width and length need to be measured

Both the width and length of a room should be measured. By adding the two numbers together, think about that figure in terms of inches and not feet and this is the diameter guide for the chandelier fitting that will best suit the room. Generally speaking, it’s sensible to add an additional 2-3 inches for the chandelier per foot of the height of the wall. This calculation works well for centre-hanging chandeliers that will be positioned over the most significant piece of furniture or main focal point of the room.

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  1. Over a table

A big room can be defined by separating into different areas or functions and this can be achieved by using a rug or table. To decide on the right chandelier size, take the dimensions of half the table width for hanging over a table as a focal point. The width and length of the rug added up in inches can be used to determine the chandelier size for positioning over a focal rug.

  1. Ceiling Rose

A chandelier should always be set off in a stylish ceiling rose that suits the style and size of the light fitting. For an extensive range of Ceiling Roses in all shapes, sizes and materials, visit https://www.creative-cables.co.uk/2648-ceiling-roses

  1. Multiple chandeliers

This sounds complicated but need not be. To work out the diameter of hanging multiple chandeliers, divide the table’s diameter by the number of light fittings you wish to install and add a further 1.

  1. Shape

A good tip is to choose a rectangular shaped chandelier for hanging over a rectangular table. This helps to keep the proportions right. As an example, should a table be 54” wide and 72” long, it will have a diameter of 27 inches. Subtract 27” from the length and you get 45. Therefore, the best choice chandelier would be one that is 27” wide and 45” long.

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  1. Stairwells

It’s important to think of a stairwell as having two stories of wall height and then make the relevant adjustments when calculating the chandelier length.

  1. Distance from table

When hanging over a table, the bottom of the fitting should be no less than 30” from the table’s surface in a dining room. When installing in a stairwell or hallway, the bottom of the chandelier should be at least 7 foot from the floor.


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