The reason marquees are popular is due to the frame because of its clever layout potential. This allows for the greatest flexibility to use the area. Framed marquees are able to accommodate a layout of your event because they do not have a central support pole.

Traditional Pole Marquees

Support poles and guy lines are used to keep the canvas under tension. The guy ropes will then be attached to soft ground. It’s similar to attaching a tent using pegs on the floor but in a larger size. One of the limitations of pole marquees is that they must be attached to the floor to keep their stability.

Pole marquees are limited in their usage because they can’t be placed on hard surfaces or sand areas, or even gravel areas, which is a problem for large gardens. Pole marquees were a thing of the past once other marquees appeared on the marquee hire marketplace. However, they do offer a traditional look, often desired by couples.

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Aluminium Frame Masques

Frame marquees can be placed on car parks, beaches or the decks of barges. Frame marquees are able to be placed on any surface, whether it is hard or soft. This is because they use a rigid aluminium framework that holds the tent together. You can also enjoy the advantage that the support poles will not interfere with your choice of venue layout within the marquee.

This flexibility allows frames to be placed over gardens, swimming pools, trees and shrubs. This creates a visually stimulating and interactive event space. Frames are more stable and durable than traditional telescopic marquees. They also have a much longer shelf-life. This is particularly beneficial for marquee rental. For Marquee Hire Coventry, go to

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High Peak Marquees

Frame marquees and other options are available when planning an outdoor wedding or corporate event. High peak tents are popular for corporate events. High peak tents have a similar design to frame marquees. The main difference is that they feature a pole which is ‘floating’ and held up by cables running across the tent.

The high-peak marquees’ distinctive look is due to the floating rod. The elegant shape of these marquees makes them more appealing from both the inside and outside.

High peak marquees combine the appearance of pole marquees with the structural benefits of frames marquees. The marquees are easy to assemble as they contain fewer pieces. They can also be combined for larger occasions.

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