Autumn is here and with it comes the darker nights and the chillier weather. This is a time of year when we should also be aware of the damage the inclement weather can cause to our homes and gardens. Whilst we all love to look at the beautiful autumn leaves in the woods and the blankets of fresh snow on the nearby homes, it is important also to be aware that you need to protect parts of the home from this weather as autumn approaches. Here are some things to be aware of…

Broken Fences

The strong winds that often come in the winter months can be trouble for your fences. Now is the time to make the repairs to damaged parts of your fence to reinforce them against the battering of the winter weather. Look for broken fence posts, missing pieces, or fences that are leaning. If the damage is very bad, it is a good idea to replace the entire fence as this will probably be more effective than trying to replace and repair individual parts.

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Blocked Drains

The beautiful autumn leaves are one of the highlights of the year in the woodlands, and many of us enjoy a walk through the autumnal leaves. However, they can cause problems in the home and garden if they are not cleared up. From a slipping hazard on paths to creating a mess on the lawn, one of the biggest leaf problems is their ability to block gutters and drains. At this time of the year, it is particularly important to spend some time keeping an eye on the gutters and drains around your home, particularly if you have trees nearby. Clear leaves out of the gutter regularly so that they don’t build up, as they can do so quickly in the autumn months.

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Roof Damage

Winter weather plays havoc with the roofs of our homes. You should be aware of the dangers to the roof and what to look out for in the winter. High winds can cause tiles to become loose or even fall off the roof, which is not only dangerous for people who may be below but also means that the roof is less protected from the elements. Snow and ice can also cause problems as they can get under the tiles and expand, causing the roof to develop cracks and breakages.

Aerial Damage

Bad weather can often cause problems for aerials. It may not always cause immediate damage, but over many periods of bad weather it may cause significant wear and tear that prevents the aerial from working correctly. In this case you would need to call a professional such as this TV aerial installation Gloucester based company to make the repairs to the arial, or if necessary to replace it completely. In some cases, the aerial may just need to be moved, as it may have been dislodged in high winds.

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