Adding soft furnishing to any space can help to make it feel much more luxurious and cosy. It is common to have items like cushions on your sofa and curtains at your windows, but have you thought about how you can pull all of your soft furnishings together to create a wonderful space in your home?

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Curtains are both a necessity when it comes to keeping your home warm, keeping light out and giving you some privacy but when you have them created by a Curtain Makers Hackney way such as, they can also become a design statement. To carry out this design throughout the rest of your room you could consider having some cushion covers created from the same fabric or a coordinating design to your curtains.

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Once you have your curtains and cushion in place you can start to look at other areas such as rugs for the floor. Again you will want to have these in a colour and design that matches the overall aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. It is important to also consider what flooring type you have when looking at rugs. If you have hardwood flooring or laminate you will need to ensure that you pick rugs that have a non-slip backing attached.

One final item that can really help to pull your soft furnishing aesthetic together is a nice throw, or perhaps a couple. You can place these on sofas and chairs and even in cosy areas that you create throughout the room.

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